Image of Testing reflection
13 January 2023

Testing reflection

Year 3 have enjoyed testing a variety of materials with a torch and a reflection tester to see which ones are reflective. They then listed them in order of most reflective to least reflective.

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Image of Light and dark
6 January 2023

Light and dark

Our new topic in Science is light and dark. We worked in groups to create a mind map of what we already know and what we would like to know about. We then grouped light sources and non light sources before putting our hands in a feely bag to guess what objects were in there. We soon learnt that it…

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Image of Christmas party
16 December 2022

Christmas party

Year 3 and 4 had a lot of fun at their Christmas party!

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Image of Digestive system
1 December 2022

Digestive system

Year 3 and 4 have been learning how the digestive system works. We conducted an experiment to learn where food goes after entering the mouth.

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Image of Remembrance Day
11 November 2022

Remembrance Day

We were very respectful during the silence at 11am. We then learnt about the importance of Remembrance Day before making our beautiful poppies this afternoon.

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Image of We are illustrators!
4 November 2022

We are illustrators!

This week, we have been learning about the illustrator of our class story Quentin Blake. We learnt that he starts with the facial expressions of his characters as getting this right is the most difficult part to do. In our sketch books, we tried drawing different faces to show different…

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31 October 2022

Y4 Mathematicians

In maths, we have started our unit on area. Today, we were learning what area is and using sticky notes to make different shapes that had the same area.


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Image of Maya Death Masks
21 October 2022

Maya Death Masks

As part of our topic 'Ancient Maya,' Year 3/4 have enjoyed designing, making and painting their own Ancient Maya death masks. 






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Image of Year4 Mathematicians
17 October 2022

Year4 Mathematicians

In maths, we have been learning how to use written methods for subtraction. This has been a little tricky. However, we have persevered and found that using the place value counters has helped a lot.

Well done everyone. Keep up the hard work. ⭐️

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Image of Partner balancing in PE
5 October 2022

Partner balancing in PE

This term in PE we have been working on balances and what skills are required for balancing. The children have explored individual, counter tension and counter balance and weight bearing balances and used these to create mini sequences. Here are a few pictures of our weight bearing balances. 

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Image of P.E collaboration
29 September 2022

P.E collaboration

Year 3 worked so well collaboratively to perfect their mirrored balances with a partner. They produced some fantastic sequences of three balances with smooth transitions from one balance to the next.

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Image of The bones in our body
16 September 2022

The bones in our body

We labelled the bones in a human skeleton before working independently to label our own skeleton.

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