Image of Busy bees in Year 3!
28 September 2021

Busy bees in Year 3!

We have had a very busy start to our week. Here we are working collaboratively in our Maths and Science lessons. We worked hard finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a 3 digit number. We then successfully took on the Scrapheap Challenge in Science sorting materials into magnetic and…

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Image of Science - Investigating friction!
16 September 2021

Science - Investigating friction!

We have had lots of fun in Science this week. We have been investigating the effects of friction on different surfaces.

We predicted that the sandpaper would cause the most friction and we were correct. We wondered if the car would even make it! 

Mrs Robinson was so impressed with how well…

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Image of Year 4 Music Group at Christmas!
17 December 2020

Year 4 Music Group at Christmas!

Our Year 4 music group have put together two Christmas tunes, that we hope you enjoy!

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Image of Year 3’s Mayan Calendar Stones
4 December 2020

Year 3’s Mayan Calendar Stones

After our clay Mayan calendar stones dried out, we were able to paint them. We chose between gold, bronze or copper paint to make them look ancient and precious and they turned out beautifully.


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Image of Year 3 Zoom Music lessons
4 December 2020

Year 3 Zoom Music lessons

As our music lessons continue to be a huge success, we decided to keep going by Zoom. So Mrs O’Connell sets up at home and we join her via Mrs Orhan’s laptop. We have been learning a new song for Christmas called Mincepies, which has 4 parts and is called a round. We are also learning Rudolph the…

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Image of Y4 Quentin Blake Art
27 November 2020

Y4 Quentin Blake Art

As part of our topic on Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Years 3 and 4 have been creating their own art pieces based on the style of Quentin Blake.

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Image of Mayan Stone Calendars 3CO
22 October 2020

Mayan Stone Calendars 3CO

As part of our Art work, we have made our own Mayan Calendar Stones using different techniques. We learnt about how to shape our clay, coiling and carving a pattern. All our designs are very different but look fantastic.


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Image of Mayan Dance with 3CO
22 October 2020

Mayan Dance with 3CO

Over this half term, we have been linking our PE lessons to our Topic on The Mayans. We have learnt different moves linked to architecture, agriculture, gods of nature and script. The children then worked in groups to create a performance using some of the movements they had learnt. The groups…

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Image of Mayan art
20 October 2020

Mayan art

We are coming to the end of our Mayan topic and Year 3 and 4 have been busy designing and creating their own Mayan calendar stones using clay.



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Image of Mayan Masks
9 October 2020

Mayan Masks

Class 3CO have had a fantastic afternoon painting the first steps of their Mayan masks. They had to choose a base colour or pattern and make sure they covered it, ready to paint on the details next week. There were some amazing ideas and we can’t wait to share the finished…

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Image of Year 3 Music lesson
8 October 2020

Year 3 Music lesson

Each week Class 3CO have been having music lessons, where they have been singing songs with different rhythm and tempos. They have learnt lots of musical language such as pulse and canon as well as listening to The Carnival of the Animals, guessing what animal the music is portraying. They have…

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Image of Class 3CO The Mayans
1 October 2020

Class 3CO The Mayans

In Class 3CO, we have made a fantastic start to our Topic The Mayans. We have done lots of work researching who they were and when in time the fit on the timeline. We have also made a start on making our very own Mayan masks. We can’t wait to see what they turn out…

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