At Springfield Primary Academy, we want all our children to become keen mathematicians with the positive mind-set that everyone can succeed in Maths. We believe all our children can achieve and we teach for a secure understanding of concepts, to prepare them for the future, through the mastery approach. We believe that learning from mistakes is a key to developing understanding and use misconceptions as an essential part of learning. Children often work collaboratively, which allows them to develop their mathematical vocabulary and reasoning skills through, concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches.


At Springfield, Mathematics is taught through mixed ability classes and children progress through the curriculum content at the same pace. We teach maths every day; learning time includes practise and the development of factual, conceptual and procedural knowledge. Differentiation is achieved by deep learning through challenge and different levels of support structures; resources, manipulatives and intervention. Practice and consolidation are a key in daily lessons to develop fluency and coherency. Teachers use targeted questioning and assessment tasks to identify need.

To ensure clear progression, we use the White Rose Maths Scheme, from FS to Y6, as our curriculum spine and supplement this with additional resources as and when necessary. Mathematical units are taught in blocks of learning about a particular topic and Flash Back 4 activities are used at the beginning of each lesson to support children in retrieving and remembering key knowledge and concepts previously taught. 

Lessons also include daily practise of key mathematical facts i.e. number bonds, times tables to develop number fluency and rapid recall of key facts, counting or quick arithmetic practice. In addition all children from Year 2 have access to ‘TTRockstars’, which is used at home and at school to support the learning of tables and division facts.

Maths Documents

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