At Springfield Primary Academy our vision is to:-

  •  Promote respect for all through positive example
  •  Recognise and value everyone as an individual
  • Grow, develop and learn within a safe and secure environment
  • Provide experiences and opportunities for all to reach their full potential
  •  Create a stimulating and exciting learning environment
  • Have professional relationships with everyone; to be a welcoming community
  •  Strive for the best through rigorous self-evaluation
  •  Celebrate everyone’s achievements
  • Engender an enthusiasm for learning and a sense of awe and wonder of the world that we live in

‘Care, Collaboration and Challenge’ are our key drivers behind all that we do. We feel that as a school these are the most important attributes for our children. To care about themselves, for one another, for adults, for the wider community and for the work that they do is essential for getting on in life. We also feel that to have the skills to collaborate, to be a good team player, is crucial in today’s society. Finally, the ability to take on a challenge, to persevere when things get tough will help our children as they move on in life.

At Springfield Primary Academy we recognise and value everyone as an individual. We are committed to challenging and supporting each person in order for them to reach their full potential.
Respect, good manners and positive attitudes are actively nurtured in order to develop independence and life skills, so that everyone makes a positive contribution to our school and the wider community.
We provide a stimulating and exciting learning environment which encourages an enthusiasm for learning. We are committed to high standards and expectations striving for excellence in all that we do.