Image of Care, Collaboration and Challenge
10 February 2022

Care, Collaboration and Challenge

Year 3 demonstrated fantastic care and collaboration during our P.E lesson this morning. They were set a challenge to work in small groups to perform a routine with three of the rolls that they have been learning. The children were given the additional challenge of incorporating a piece of…

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Image of Computing
28 January 2022


In computing, Year 3/4 have been making PowerPoints titled 'All about Me.' They have learnt to select themes, insert text boxes and new slides, edit and format text, insert pictures  and change transitions.

Well done everyone.

They are looking fantastic.

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Image of Flowers
28 January 2022


In Science this week we have been learning about the parts of a flower, and what each part does. We dissected flowers  to see if we could identify the different parts.




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Image of Rolling!
27 January 2022


In P.E this half term, we have been learning a variety of rolls. These include: log roll, dish and hollow roll, teddy bear roll, egg roll and a forwards roll. Today we put some of these rolls together to create a sequence. We watched our partners sequences and we were very proud of what we…

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Image of Fantastic flowers!
25 January 2022

Fantastic flowers!

In Science this week we have been learning about the parts of a flower.
We dissected a flower with our partner and watched a video to find out the job roles of each part.
We then learnt about the process of pollination and how this leads to fertilisation.

Great work Year 3! 

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Image of What did the Romans do for us?
10 December 2021

What did the Romans do for us?

We have come to the end of our topic on Romans. This week the children have been really busy using what they have learnt throughout the unit and further research to plan and produce a PowerPoint presentation about what the Romans have done for Britain, which they presented to the class. They all…

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Image of Year 3/4 DT
19 November 2021

Year 3/4 DT

As part of our unit on Romans, Year 3/4 have been trying to make a Roman catapult. It was tricky but we persevered and were able to successfully make different designs.

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Image of Happy Diwali
5 November 2021

Happy Diwali

Last half term, we learnt about Diwali. To celebrate the start of this festival we decorated our classroom with our artwork,, and revisited what we had learnt. 

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Image of Making our own magnetic games!
20 October 2021

Making our own magnetic games!

To finish our Forces and Magnets topic we designed and made our own magnetic game. We looked at a selection of magnetic games already on the market and then designed our own.

 We were all very creative and came up with a great range of ideas. We then made our games and enjoyed playing them with…

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Image of Year 3/4 gymnastics balance lesson
11 October 2021

Year 3/4 gymnastics balance lesson

In PE the children have been learning different balances and creating simple sequences using the apparatus. Here are few fantastic examples.



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Image of You should be very proud!
4 October 2021

You should be very proud!

Over the last few weeks it has been lovely to celebrate and share lots of out of school achievements. 

A huge well done to Lucas for achieving his red belt in karate following his grading. We loved watching the video, what discipline you showed!

A big well done to Sofia for winning her…

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Image of What do you think to our Rangoli patterns?
29 September 2021

What do you think to our Rangoli patterns?

We had so much fun creating our own rangoli patterns onto our pebbles. We designed them and then carefully painted our patterns. We can’t wait to display them around school for you all to see during Divali!


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