Image of Victorian toys!
5 October 2022

Victorian toys!

We had lots of fun today experiencing Victorian toys.

We asked ourselves these questions:

What is it made of?

What does it look like?

Do I like playing with it?

How do we play with it?

We then chose our favourite! Great work Year 1!

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Image of Meeting Blockzilla!
1 October 2022

Meeting Blockzilla!

We have worked so hard in maths this week! We met the Blockzillas who have helped us to compare numbers. First we had to find a number in the classroom that was either greater than, less than or equal to Mrs Robinson’s number and then we worked in pairs to compare our own numbers!

Great work…

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Image of Our favourite toys!
14 September 2022

Our favourite toys!

Our first topic of the year is a history topic all about toys! 
We have started the topic by bringing in our favourite toys from home.
We had so much fun sharing them with our friends and thinking about what they are made from. 
Well done Class 1!

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Image of Flower sewing.
6 June 2022

Flower sewing.

We have been looking at flowers and started by observational drawing.  We thought about the flowers that we would want to sew.  We selected the material that what we wanted for the petals, drew and cut out the petals and then embarked on the sewing.  It was difficult for some but we all…

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Image of Jubilee disco
24 May 2022

Jubilee disco

KS1 had so much fun at the jubilee disco. They loved dancing, singing, playing the air guitar and competing in games.

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Image of Science - habitats
22 April 2022

Science - habitats

The children have been looking at different habitats and thinking about the animals and plants that would be found there.  We watched the habitat videos from bbc bite size to look at different habitats. We also had discussions around why these animals and plants are suitable for the…

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Image of KS1 DT
22 March 2022


In DT, the children in Year 1 and 2 were looking at the theme of wheels and axles to create their own moving vehicles. They looked at a variety of toy vehicles to see how they moved and created their own design using those wheels and axles. They worked collaboratively, looking at how to make a…

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Image of KS1 Geography
22 March 2022

KS1 Geography

In geography this half term, year 1 and 2 have used the book Me on the Map as a starting point to look at the world around them. We started off by creating a plan of their bedroom, then after a walk around the school, the children created a key to identify the different areas around the building.…

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Image of World Book Day Year 1/2
3 March 2022

World Book Day Year 1/2

Today to celebrate World Book Day we loved showing off our book characters, we shared why we had chosen them and designed a new book cover or a bookmark. We then ended the day with a book share in the hall. We with different children and shared our favourite books or chose a book to read from Mrs…

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Image of Programming with Class 1/2
1 February 2022

Programming with Class 1/2

In year 1 and 2 we have been learning about algorithms and how everything we do uses a simple set of instructions to work. We then used an app on the IPADs called Tynker Junior to complete simple problems where we had to put in instructions so our character could collect all the coins. As the…

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Image of Class 1 Maths
1 February 2022

Class 1 Maths

In class 1 we have been using lots of equipment to help us in our maths lessons. We have been adding and subtracting within 20 using objects such as teddies, vehicles and counters, tens frames and number lines. We do this to help us work out our answer and then we write it down on our…

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Image of Bonfire art
21 November 2021

Bonfire art

For Bonfire night the children made bonfire/ firework pictures.  We used wax crayons to cover a piece of white paper then painted it with black paint.  To create and reveal the fireworks we used clay tools to score out the fireworks.



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