Image of Happy Easter!
8 April 2020

Happy Easter!

Hi Years 1 and 2! 

Just a quick message to say we hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and that you all have a lovely Easter!

We are missing you all, keep safe and wearing those beautiful smiles on your faces!

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Image of 30/3/20 KS1 additional resources
30 March 2020

30/3/20 KS1 additional resources

I have been looking at a few websites/links that might be useful over the next few days/ weeks.


Carol Vorderman has a good site - there are online tutorials followed by little tasks which I'm sure the children will like

Another good site is -…

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Image of Observational drawing
7 March 2020

Observational drawing

We had a look at some beautiful Spring flowers.  We had vases of red tulips and golden yellow daffodils, through looking carefully at their colours and shapes we had to represent what we could see using chalk pastels.



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Image of Pretty flowers!
3 March 2020

Pretty flowers!

On Monday we identified the structure of a plant and learnt about what the different parts do. We then took time looking at some very pretty tulips and did some observational drawing with chalk pastels. 

We can’t wait to show you our art work!




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Image of Coats of arms
26 February 2020

Coats of arms

In KS1 we looked at the meanings of signs and symbols of coats of arms.  We thought about ourselves and the symbols that best represent us.

Are we brave, strong, loyal or good at protection?


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Image of Winter Olympics in Key Stage One!
10 February 2020

Winter Olympics in Key Stage One!

This morning we all took part in Winter Olympics.

We completed an obstacle course, hockey dribbling, curling and paired skiing!

Well done Years 1 and 2, you were fab! 

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Image of Dragon on the loose!
4 February 2020

Dragon on the loose!

We could not believe what we were greeted with in the Key Stage One classrooms this morning!

The classrooms had been turned totally upside down. There were burnt books, footprints, scales and a huge mess! After inspecting what had been left in the destruction, we came to the conclusion that a…

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Image of Head, shoulders, knees and ...
4 February 2020

Head, shoulders, knees and ...

Today we were learning about the parts of our body.

We drew around one of our friends and labelled the parts of the body.

Well done Year 1!

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Image of Gymnastics!
22 January 2020


Today we had a great P.E session with Miss Green. We moved around the hall in different ways, learnt different rolls and moved under bridges. We worked very collaboratively, well done Year 1!


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Image of Remembrance Day
13 November 2019

Remembrance Day

This week, for Remembrance Day, we have taken part in the two minute silence and made our own poppy.

We discussed the meaning of the poppy and why we wear them. We have reflected on the feelings of soldiers and those closest to them.

Here we are showing our poppies with pride. 

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Image of Muck, mess and mixtures!
11 November 2019

Muck, mess and mixtures!

To kick start our ‘Muck, Mess and Mixture’ topic we have been writing potions using similes. To come up with lots of exciting ideas we felt lots of different messes and mixtures. Some of us were more keen than others! We can’t wait to show you our potions in open morning.


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Image of Bubbles!
5 November 2019


On Monday afternoon we all took on a job role and became Scientists!

Our task was to find out which soap makes the most bubbles. We made a prediction and then tested the five different soaps to see if we were correct. We presented our results in a results table and discussed how we made our…

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