I have been looking at a few websites/links that might be useful over the next few days/ weeks.


Carol Vorderman has a good site www.themathsfactor.com - there are online tutorials followed by little tasks which I'm sure the children will like

Another good site is www.pobble365.com - each day they will display an image and they have some literacy/writing links that your child could work through.  Other things that you could use this for; writing a short story setting, a character description, think of adjectives for the image or write a story based around the image.  Or - just spend some time talking together about the image, what might be happening?  what might happen next? is this real/imaginary?  I'm sure that you can think of many other creative ideas.


As a Key Stage team, we are here to support you throughout this time.  Here are our e-mail addresses so if you have any questions or would like to send us anything that you have been doing we can share it through the blog.  






We hope that everyone is well and staying safe.  We will be in touch soon with some small challenges.