Image of Flower sewing.
6 June 2022

Flower sewing.

We have been looking at flowers and started by observational drawing.  We thought about the flowers that we would want to sew.  We selected the material that what we wanted for the petals, drew and cut out the petals and then embarked on the sewing.  It was difficult for some but we all…

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Image of Science - habitats
22 April 2022

Science - habitats

The children have been looking at different habitats and thinking about the animals and plants that would be found there.  We watched the habitat videos from bbc bite size to look at different habitats. We also had discussions around why these animals and plants are suitable for the…

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Image of Bonfire art
21 November 2021

Bonfire art

For Bonfire night the children made bonfire/ firework pictures.  We used wax crayons to cover a piece of white paper then painted it with black paint.  To create and reveal the fireworks we used clay tools to score out the fireworks.



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Image of Finding human and physical features of London using Google maps.
22 October 2021

Finding human and physical features of London using Google maps.

In geography we have been looking at human and physical features. We used Google Maps to find London and to find the human and physical features of our capital city. We had great fun zooming in and pressing on the binoculars to visit the places as if we were there.


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Image of Making London Landmarks
18 October 2021

Making London Landmarks

In groups we have been making London Landmarks. We bought in lots of cardboard plastic and paper to create our models. We had lots of fun making them.

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Image of Finger puppets
23 October 2020

Finger puppets

This week we have been designing and making finger puppets.  We are all very proud of our puppets.


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Image of Raincoat for Dogger
16 October 2020

Raincoat for Dogger

We were testing materials to see which would be the best material for a raincoat for Dogger.  We thought about what we had already learnt about the properties of materials and predicted which material would be best.  We then tested them to see if our predictions were correct.

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Image of Easter home learning
7 April 2020

Easter home learning

As we should have all been enjoying the first few days of our Easter break we hope that everyone is managing to stay safe and healthy.


Should you want to continue with home learning over Easter, classroom secrets have created an Easter activity timetable for every year group in primary…

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Image of 30/3/20 KS1 additional resources
30 March 2020

30/3/20 KS1 additional resources

I have been looking at a few websites/links that might be useful over the next few days/ weeks.


Carol Vorderman has a good site - there are online tutorials followed by little tasks which I'm sure the children will like

Another good site is -…

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Image of Observational drawing
7 March 2020

Observational drawing

We had a look at some beautiful Spring flowers.  We had vases of red tulips and golden yellow daffodils, through looking carefully at their colours and shapes we had to represent what we could see using chalk pastels.



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Image of Coats of arms
26 February 2020

Coats of arms

In KS1 we looked at the meanings of signs and symbols of coats of arms.  We thought about ourselves and the symbols that best represent us.

Are we brave, strong, loyal or good at protection?


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