Image of (DT) Warming Winter Soup
16 December 2022

(DT) Warming Winter Soup

For our DT unit this term, we wanted to create a healthy, economic snack, which would warm people up after returning home from carol singing in the cold, night air. We decided that each class would make their own vegetable soup with a base of carrots, parsnips, onions and potates and flavour…

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Image of Pop Art Maps
24 November 2022

Pop Art Maps

In art this term, we have been creating Pop art using maps. We started by using viewfinders to capture a section of a map and tracing over it. We then printed this image into our sketchbooks by flipping the tracing paper and pressing over the lines we had drawn. We then repeated this 3 times to…

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Image of Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Heats
9 November 2022

Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Heats

The children chosen to represent the school by competing in the Sports Hall Athletic Heats, had a fantastic time competing against each other and together in lots of different events. These included both track and field events such as the standing long jump, the speed bounce, vertical jump and…

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Image of Introduction to Spreadsheets in Year 5/6
4 November 2022

Introduction to Spreadsheets in Year 5/6

This half term in Computing, we have started our new unit ‘Introduction to Spreadsheets’. We also had to start by learning how to logon to our class Teams page to access the work we are going to be doing. We then looked at a blank spreadsheet, identifying the cells, rows and columns and then using…

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Image of 5/6LO at Tag Rugby
12 October 2022

5/6LO at Tag Rugby

We visited Bradley Pitches today to play Tag rugby against 3 other schools. We were split into mixed groups and completed 4 different warm up tasks. Then we were put with another team to play some matches, putting into action the skills we had learnt in the warm up tasks. We had a fantastic…

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Image of French in Year 5/6
11 October 2022

French in Year 5/6

In our French lesson this term we have been learning about where we live and asking the question ‘Où habites tu? We watched videos, listening to French children talking about where they live in France and then looked at the French for different countries around the world. We wrote key vocabulary…

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Image of Using Search Engines Successfully in Y5/6
11 October 2022

Using Search Engines Successfully in Y5/6

When we have been completing research in our Topic lessons, we need to be able to search the internet using specific and unambiguous vocabulary to find exactly what we need. Therefore, we have spent time in our computing sessions using the iPads or Laptops learning how to do this quickly and…

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Image of Y5/6 Tag Rugby
28 September 2022

Y5/6 Tag Rugby

This morning, we attended a tag rugby festival at Bradley Pitches training centre.  We, along with several other schools, completed various training drills before playing a short game.  Well done to everyone who took part.


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Image of Y5/6 Tealby Visit
23 September 2022

Y5/6 Tealby Visit

As part of our geography topic, we visited Tealby to compare it with our local area.  In the run up to our visit, we have been learning to use Ordnance Survey maps and we put this use around Tealby in our pairs.  Take a look at the photos from our visit.

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Image of Year 5 Not in Our Community drama workshop
23 September 2022

Year 5 Not in Our Community drama workshop

Year 5 took part in a drama workshop which focused on Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) as part of the Not in Our Community project, which aims to protect children from grooming and exploitation. They talked about what grooming is and how it can happen in real life and online and done by anyone…

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Image of Science in Year 5/6
15 September 2022

Science in Year 5/6

In our Science topic of Properties and changes of materials, our first lesson was to work in groups testing the properties of a variety of different materials. We looked at whether they were magnetic, flexible, transparent, hard and permeable. The materials we tested ranged from wooden spoons and…

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Image of Y5/6 Clay Pictograms
15 July 2022

Y5/6 Clay Pictograms

As part of our topic on Olympics, we have created pictogram tiles, in the style of those used at the Athens games in 2004, using clay.  The children also used ancient Greek pottery as inspiration.  


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