Image of Perspective photography
21 April 2022

Perspective photography

Fantastic collaboration when working in groups of three to create perspective photos in computing. Some very effective results.

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Image of Perfect printing!
30 March 2022

Perfect printing!

We have loved our art this half term! We have looked at the work of Orla Kiely, William Morris and Lindsay Phillips. We designed our own leaf prints and then made them using cardboard and string. Today we have created a print strip and we are very proud of our finished art work. Well done Year 3!

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Image of What can we do to help the rainforests?
28 March 2022

What can we do to help the rainforests?

As a class we have spoken about what deforestation means and why it is happening. In groups we sorted positive and negative effects of deforestation and then all made a promise of what we can do to help protect the rainforests. Well done Year 3!


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Image of Computing challenges
25 March 2022

Computing challenges

Our brains were put to the test this afternoon when we had to draw shapes on the computers using loops. It was a tricky challenge, but we persevered and succeeded with lots of teamwork.

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Image of P.E in the sun!
24 March 2022

P.E in the sun!

Year 3 showed great care, collaboration and challenge during P.E this morning. They competed against one another in an assault course and learnt to keep going and not give up.

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Image of Red Nose Day
18 March 2022

Red Nose Day

Year 3/4 have had lots of fun today raising money for Red Nose Day. They especially enjoyed sharing their best jokes with each other.

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Image of Collaborative maths
17 March 2022

Collaborative maths

Fantastic collaboration between partners today in maths when learning how to work out the perimeter of a shape.

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Image of Maths
14 March 2022


Today’s maths was a practical session getting to grips with tenths and hundredths. The children worked together to create patterns for their partners to find the fractions. 

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Image of Gym - flight
10 March 2022

Gym - flight

The children had a lot of fun learning how to do a half and a full turn in gymnastics. They then challenged each other to see who could jump the furthest. They learnt that swinging their arms and bending their knees helped with this. 

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Image of World Book Day 2022
3 March 2022

World Book Day 2022

We have enjoyed showing off our costumes, sharing our books with friends, writing character descriptions and making bookmarks for our school books to celebrate World Book Day.

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Image of Y4 Tudor Explorers
10 February 2022

Y4 Tudor Explorers

In Year 3/4 we have been learning about Tudor explorers. The children used what they had learnt in class as well as their own research to create fact files about different Tudor explorers.


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Image of Tudor Pouches
10 February 2022

Tudor Pouches

As part of our Tudor topic, Year 3/4 have been making Tudor pouches in DT It was quite tricky. However, everyone persevered and was able to improve their sewing skills. Many of us were even able to create and sew on our own decorations.


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