Image of Year 3/4 DT
19 November 2021

Year 3/4 DT

As part of our unit on Romans, Year 3/4 have been trying to make a Roman catapult. It was tricky but we persevered and were able to successfully make different designs.

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Image of How does light travel?
1 November 2021

How does light travel?

In Y56 we created 'human models' to demonstrate how light travels from a light source onto an object and then how it is reflected into our eyes, which enables us to see things. We worked brilliantly in our groups to create mini-videos to explain this. Here are a few pictures of us at…

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Image of Y5/6 Gymnastics - Balancing
13 October 2021

Y5/6 Gymnastics - Balancing

In Y5/6, we have been working collaboratively to create tension balances (pulling) and resistance balances (pushing). We had to work really well as a team to share ideas and create the imaginative balances. We also had to trust each other in order for them to be successful.

Here are a few…

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Image of Y56 WW2 Day
1 October 2021

Y56 WW2 Day

For our World War 2 Day, the children in Y56 dressed up in 1940s clothes and we had some brilliant costumes including evacuees, land girls and soldiers. We spent the day immersing ourselves in learning about life as an evacuee. The children took part in an activity where they were given various…

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Image of Investigating Properties of Materials
17 September 2021

Investigating Properties of Materials

This term we are learning about the properties of materials. So far we have been investigating and testing absorbency, electrical conductivity and thermal insulation.

To test absorbency, we dipped different materials in water and measured how high the water went. To investigate electrical…

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Image of Y5 interpretive Dance
22 October 2020

Y5 interpretive Dance

We have been doing interpretive dance in P.E. this term.  As a class, we chose to use ‘The Black pearl’ music from The Pirates of the Caribbean films.  Our dances were about swashbuckled buckling pirates, exploring haunted houses, Halloween and Home Alone.  This week we performed our dances to the…

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Image of Y6 back to school
15 September 2020

Y6 back to school

We're finally all back to school and it may be a little different but we are busy learning.

Already we have been investigating materials in science and brushing up on our skills using atlases.

Have a look at some of the photos of us hard at work.


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Image of Town and Country Atlas work
9 September 2020

Town and Country Atlas work

To begin our topic ‘Town and Country’, we were given a map quiz and had to use our atlas skills to find the answers. Some of the mountain ranges and towns were tricky to find, however we used what we knew about atlases to search through the index. 


Well done everyone. You have all worked…

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Image of Year 5 VE day home learning.
7 May 2020

Year 5 VE day home learning.

This week Year 5 and 6 were due to hold a VE day party that was planned during our World War 2 topic in the Autumn term. As we are unable to go ahead with this, we asked the children to carry out various VE day home learning tasks and they didn't disappoint.

We would like to share their…

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Image of Working hard Reece!
1 May 2020

Working hard Reece!

This week Reece, Year 2, has been super busy learning all about space and practising his maths too. We are very impressed and have enjoyed seeing all of your hard work! I think we have a little astronaut in the making.

Thank you for sharing, seeing all of your home learning really makes us…

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Image of It's thank you Thursday!
30 April 2020

It's thank you Thursday!

It's Thursday and at 8pm every week many of us are taking to the streets and our front gardens to make noise in order to thank the NHS and all the great key workers out there. It is fast becoming our favourite time of the week and while for most of us this started with just clapping we seem to be…

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Image of Sing up!
30 April 2020

Sing up!

Are you missing our fun singing assemblies with Mrs Capes? Well now you can learn new songs and practise some of your favourites at home. 

Using the link below you can find all sorts of great tracks that you can sing along to. Singing is great for lifting our mood, so perhaps learning a new…

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