It's Thursday and at 8pm every week many of us are taking to the streets and our front gardens to make noise in order to thank the NHS and all the great key workers out there. It is fast becoming our favourite time of the week and while for most of us this started with just clapping we seem to be finding new and inventive ways to make noise in order to show our appreciation. From saucepans to home made shakers and violins we have loved hearing about the ways you are choosing to say thank you. So as well as joining you all at 8pm tonight we would like to share this email and photograph, sent in by one of our Year 4 pupils, who made this beautiful rainbow shaker especially for thank you Thursdays. 

"This is my rainbow shaker. I decorated a Pringle tin ( they were yummy!) in tissue paper. I added some dried pasta. I used it when we clapped for the key workers. I also made a rainbow to hang in the tree.
Stay safe and have a great day."
Anna  Y4