Image of Town and Country Atlas work
9 September 2020

Town and Country Atlas work

To begin our topic ‘Town and Country’, we were given a map quiz and had to use our atlas skills to find the answers. Some of the mountain ranges and towns were tricky to find, however we used what we knew about atlases to search through the index. 


Well done everyone. You have all worked…

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Image of The remarkable things people have been doing to help others through the coronavirus outbreak
28 April 2020

The remarkable things people have been doing to help others through the coronavirus outbreak

A poem created by our very own Year 6 student has been published on the Grimsby Live news website!

It is very nice to see people being creative and getting involved in building community morale.

Great work Millie!


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Image of Year 5 Home Learning.
19 April 2020

Year 5 Home Learning.

Hello Year 5, 

We hope you have had a lovely Easter and no doubt eaten plenty of chocolate, just like us! Tomorrow would be the start of the summer term and our favourite time of the school year, it all feels a little bit strange and we are really going to miss seeing you all. 


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Image of BBC Bitesize Launch New Online Lessons.
17 April 2020

BBC Bitesize Launch New Online Lessons.

From Monday 20th April the BBC will be placing new online lessons for every year group on their website. These sessions cover Math, English, History, Geography and some other school curriculum areas. 

There will be a set of 3 or 4 sessions for every school day of the week and each session is…

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Image of Sports Relief for Y3LH
13 March 2020

Sports Relief for Y3LH

We have had a fantastic afternoon playing various sports and taking part in different activities. It was good to see the children challenging themselves with some new games that they hadn’t had the opportunity to play before. We also completed a mile run in support of Sports Relief! It was great…

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Image of Winter Olympics Year 5
11 February 2020

Winter Olympics Year 5

Yesterday, Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon at our Winter Olympics. They had a go at curling, and the paired ski. We then braved the wind to run the obstacle race. They worked incredibly hard in their houses and cheered each other on every single race. Well done Year 5. You were brilliant!

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Image of Winter Olympics
10 February 2020

Winter Olympics

This afternoon Year 3 and 4 took part in the annual Winter Olympics inter house competition. Lots of fun was had from the paired skiing to chasing after the dressing up items in the obstacle race. It was great to see the children cheering on their team mates in an encouraging way! Well done to…

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Image of Winter Olympics in Key Stage One!
10 February 2020

Winter Olympics in Key Stage One!

This morning we all took part in Winter Olympics.

We completed an obstacle course, hockey dribbling, curling and paired skiing!

Well done Years 1 and 2, you were fab! 

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Image of Science Y5/6 Living Things
7 February 2020

Science Y5/6 Living Things

As part of our science topic, we have been learning about the classification system, first devised by the scientist Carl Linnaeus in the 1700s. We have learnt that living things are sorted into categories according to their similarities and differences.

Using what they had learnt and what…

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Image of Gymnastics Class 5SG
6 February 2020

Gymnastics Class 5SG

Last week, Year 5 had a gymnastics lesson with Miss Green looking at rolls, jumps and bridges. They had a fantastic time setting up their own circuits and then racing against the other teams using the gymnastics skills they had been taught at the beginning of the lesson. 

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Image of Balanced argument - Class 5SG
6 February 2020

Balanced argument - Class 5SG

In Year 5, we have been looking at balanced arguments. To start this unit off, the children were given a point of view on a piece of paper and had to find their matching group. This lead to them deciding if they were for or against fireworks, the royal family or homework. Once they had sorted…

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Image of Classification with class 5SG
6 February 2020

Classification with class 5SG

At the start of our Science topic on classification, the children were given a selection of Liquorice Allsorts and asked to sort them into groups. They then had to think about what questions they could ask to distinguish them from each other. Once they had done this, they were asked to present…

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