29 November 2021

Happy Hanukkah!

We watched a video about a little girl called Sophia who celebrated the Jewish festival of Hanukkah with her family. We learnt all about the traditions including decorations, candles, songs, games, prayers and food. We followed a recipe for latke (potato pancakes) and made them. The Jewish people…

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19 November 2021

Year 5/6 Science Reflection

In the science lesson this week, we stood a mirror up on a piece of white paper and we made a narrow slit in a piece of card. We dimmed the lights and shone a torch through the slit towards the mirror. We then drew both the rays of incidence and reflection. After that, we drew a dashed line where…

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5 November 2021

Y5/6 WW2 setting description

This week in our English lessons we have begun a new unit to create a setting description about an air raid during WW2.  This week, we have watched a video called 'London Can Take It' and started to collect vocabulary and descriptive phrases we can use in our writing.  We have created a word…

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1 November 2021

How does light travel?

In Y56 we created 'human models' to demonstrate how light travels from a light source onto an object and then how it is reflected into our eyes, which enables us to see things. We worked brilliantly in our groups to create mini-videos to explain this. Here are a few pictures of us at…

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22 October 2021

Finding human and physical features of London using Google maps.

In geography we have been looking at human and physical features. We used Google Maps to find London and to find the human and physical features of our capital city. We had great fun zooming in and pressing on the binoculars to visit the places as if we were there.


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22 October 2021

Junk modelling London landmarks

We have all enjoyed making our junk models of famous London landmarks using all the materials we have brought in from home. We have recreated Big Ben, The Shard and a Big red bus!

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22 October 2021

Class 1’s London Landmark models

We have had a fantastic time making our junk models of London Landmarks. We worked in groups and made models of the Millennium Dome, Big Ben, The Shard and a Red bus using all the cardboard we brought in from home. We had a brilliant time working together!

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20 October 2021

Making our own magnetic games!

To finish our Forces and Magnets topic we designed and made our own magnetic game. We looked at a selection of magnetic games already on the market and then designed our own.

 We were all very creative and came up with a great range of ideas. We then made our games and enjoyed playing them with…

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18 October 2021

Making London Landmarks

In groups we have been making London Landmarks. We bought in lots of cardboard plastic and paper to create our models. We had lots of fun making them.

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15 October 2021

Where will you go? Who will you be?

We have had a great time using our imaginations in nursery.  We have had fun dressing up as different characters from our favourite stories. We also worked together to create a junk model train to go on our adventures. 



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13 October 2021

Y5/6 Gymnastics - Balancing

In Y5/6, we have been working collaboratively to create tension balances (pulling) and resistance balances (pushing). We had to work really well as a team to share ideas and create the imaginative balances. We also had to trust each other in order for them to be successful.

Here are a few…

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7 October 2021

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere!

This week we have been looking at patterns in our environment, in nature and repeating patterns. We have made patterns using natural materials, objects around the classroom and even ourselves! We have made colour patterns, size patterns, shape patterns and patterns with actions. 

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