Image of Testing reflection
13 January 2023

Testing reflection

Year 3 have enjoyed testing a variety of materials with a torch and a reflection tester to see which ones are reflective. They then listed them in order of most reflective to least reflective.

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Image of Light and dark
6 January 2023

Light and dark

Our new topic in Science is light and dark. We worked in groups to create a mind map of what we already know and what we would like to know about. We then grouped light sources and non light sources before putting our hands in a feely bag to guess what objects were in there. We soon learnt that it…

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Image of Digestive system
1 December 2022

Digestive system

Year 3 and 4 have been learning how the digestive system works. We conducted an experiment to learn where food goes after entering the mouth.

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Image of New playground equipment!
25 November 2022

New playground equipment!

During assembly this morning, the Rotary Club kindly donated some new outdoor equipment for us to play with at playtime. We have had great fun trying it out today!

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Image of Year 5/6 football
11 November 2022

Year 5/6 football

 The girls' football team went to Bradley football ground yesterday afternoon and played 6 different schools. They excelled as a team and certainly made an impression on most of the other schools. They won five out of the six games with a score of 1-0, 5-0, 7-0, 3-0 and 8-0! They also faced a…

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Image of Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Heats
9 November 2022

Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Heats

The children chosen to represent the school by competing in the Sports Hall Athletic Heats, had a fantastic time competing against each other and together in lots of different events. These included both track and field events such as the standing long jump, the speed bounce, vertical jump and…

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Image of Kurling Triumph!
31 October 2022

Kurling Triumph!

Our kurling team was in action just before the half term holiday. The children had a great time, with our girls' team making the final of their group and both the boys' and girls' team being awarded the the most sporting teams. Well done Dominic, Ruby, Max and Logan.

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31 October 2022

Y4 Mathematicians

In maths, we have started our unit on area. Today, we were learning what area is and using sticky notes to make different shapes that had the same area.


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Image of Celebration assembly 20/10/22
20 October 2022

Celebration assembly 20/10/22

It was lovely to hear about a range of achievements in assembly. The children were so proud to show us their awards and tell us about them. 


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Image of Basketball Stars!
18 October 2022

Basketball Stars!

Our Year 5/6 basketball team were in action last week. They drew their first match 1-1 and were put into the competition league. Opposition was tough and the team narrowly lost the three games that they played. Throughout the tournament the team were incredibly supportive towards one another and…

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Image of Year4 Mathematicians
17 October 2022

Year4 Mathematicians

In maths, we have been learning how to use written methods for subtraction. This has been a little tricky. However, we have persevered and found that using the place value counters has helped a lot.

Well done everyone. Keep up the hard work. ⭐️

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Image of 5/6LO at Tag Rugby
12 October 2022

5/6LO at Tag Rugby

We visited Bradley Pitches today to play Tag rugby against 3 other schools. We were split into mixed groups and completed 4 different warm up tasks. Then we were put with another team to play some matches, putting into action the skills we had learnt in the warm up tasks. We had a fantastic…

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