Image of Science - How strong is a piece of paper?
7 October 2021

Science - How strong is a piece of paper?

Year 1 and 2 have been set a special challenge this week! Using our knowledge of Tower Bridge, we needed to make different shaped towers to see which was the strongest. We made a cylinder, cuboid and triangular prism shape and tested their strength using books. It was a little tricky to make some…

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Image of Practical maths with Class 1
5 October 2021

Practical maths with Class 1

We had a fantastic maths lesson on comparing numbers with the help of Blockzilla. We rolled our dice 2 times to get our two numbers, wrote them on our board and then built the number using Numicon or blocks. We then had to decide which symbol to use - greater than, less than or equal to. We…

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Image of Y56 WW2 Day
1 October 2021

Y56 WW2 Day

For our World War 2 Day, the children in Y56 dressed up in 1940s clothes and we had some brilliant costumes including evacuees, land girls and soldiers. We spent the day immersing ourselves in learning about life as an evacuee. The children took part in an activity where they were given various…

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Image of Busy bees in Year 3!
28 September 2021

Busy bees in Year 3!

We have had a very busy start to our week. Here we are working collaboratively in our Maths and Science lessons. We worked hard finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a 3 digit number. We then successfully took on the Scrapheap Challenge in Science sorting materials into magnetic and…

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Image of Gymnastics with Class 1
21 September 2021

Gymnastics with Class 1

We had a fantastic PE lesson this morning learning all about different rolls and jumps we can use in gymnastics. We learnt how to do tuck, straddle and split jumps as well as pencil and egg rolls. Once we had had lots of practice in our groups, we then moved onto the equipment, showing off what we…

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Image of P.E in the Big Hall
17 September 2021

P.E in the Big Hall

In reception we have been working on following instructions in P.E. We enjoyed playing games together with our new friends. We are improving at removing our shoes and socks and putting them back on again all by ourselves. We also practised our ball skills and using the hall space safely. 

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Image of Science - Investigating friction!
16 September 2021

Science - Investigating friction!

We have had lots of fun in Science this week. We have been investigating the effects of friction on different surfaces.

We predicted that the sandpaper would cause the most friction and we were correct. We wondered if the car would even make it! 

Mrs Robinson was so impressed with how well…

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Image of Dragon's Den 'Planet Challenge'
11 December 2020

Dragon's Den 'Planet Challenge'

As part of our science work, we are learning about the solar system in Y5/6. 

We are working in teams to research a 'celestial body' and present our findings to the rest of the class but... not only do we need to find interesting information, we have to also 'sell' our planet (or moon or…

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23 October 2020

Contour Line Models

In Geography, we have been learning about maps.  This week, we learnt about how contour lines show us how high or low the land on the map is.  To demonstrate this, we made models of contour lines and hills.


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Image of Mayan Dance with 3CO
22 October 2020

Mayan Dance with 3CO

Over this half term, we have been linking our PE lessons to our Topic on The Mayans. We have learnt different moves linked to architecture, agriculture, gods of nature and script. The children then worked in groups to create a performance using some of the movements they had learnt. The groups…

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Image of Class 3CO The Mayans
1 October 2020

Class 3CO The Mayans

In Class 3CO, we have made a fantastic start to our Topic The Mayans. We have done lots of work researching who they were and when in time the fit on the timeline. We have also made a start on making our very own Mayan masks. We can’t wait to see what they turn out…

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