Image of Town and Country Atlas work
9 September 2020

Town and Country Atlas work

To begin our topic ‘Town and Country’, we were given a map quiz and had to use our atlas skills to find the answers. Some of the mountain ranges and towns were tricky to find, however we used what we knew about atlases to search through the index. 


Well done everyone. You have all worked…

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Image of Home Learning Fun Y3/4
23 April 2020

Home Learning Fun Y3/4

Super proud of Lizzie in Year 4, who has been keeping very busy at home.  Following on from our previous topic on plants, Lizzie has been gardening and has planted her own seeds which she is looking after and keeping a diary of their growth. She has also created a brilliant book using Book Creator…

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Image of Live Event- Antarctica.
1 April 2020

Live Event- Antarctica.

On Thursday 2nd April at 3pm marine biologist, Dr Huw Griffith’s, will be hosting a live home-school journey about Antarctica. 
You will find out how people live and work in Antarctica, how cold it gets, how people travel around and just how big Antarctica is. You will meet the locals and the…

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Image of Dinostar Visits the Foundation Stage!
17 March 2020

Dinostar Visits the Foundation Stage!

Mr Plater visited us from Dinostar in Hull. He bought all kinds of amazing dinosaur fossils. He showed us a triceratops leg bone, an allosaurus skull, a tyrannosaurus tooth, a brachiosaurus claw and an allosaurus footprint. We made our own fossils and made fossil rubbings of plant and animal…

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Image of Experimenting with colour
5 March 2020

Experimenting with colour

In Year 3 today, we have been making colour wheels. We used the four primary colours, and then had to experiment with mixing them to create some secondary colours! We did this to show warmth and coolness that colours have and how they are used in landscape art. Some excellent pieces of work…

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Image of Artists in Year 3
27 February 2020

Artists in Year 3

As part of the new topic ‘Vista’ this half term, Year 3 have made a start on becoming landscape artists. They took their own images on an iPad and created thumbnail drawings from them. Some excellent work was created - a great start for what’s to come over the next few…

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Image of Dragon on the loose!
4 February 2020

Dragon on the loose!

We could not believe what we were greeted with in the Key Stage One classrooms this morning!

The classrooms had been turned totally upside down. There were burnt books, footprints, scales and a huge mess! After inspecting what had been left in the destruction, we came to the conclusion that a…

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Image of We are Geographers
29 January 2020

We are Geographers

As part of our new topic, we have been using atlases to locate different parts of the Uk as well as using atlases and our knowledge of the continents to locate mountains around the world.



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Image of Frozen Kingdom Immersive Space
21 January 2020

Frozen Kingdom Immersive Space

Yesterday, year 5 and 6 visited Cloverfields to experience the freezing polar region in the Immersive Space. The children enjoyed seeing the animals close up and personal, as well as experiencing the freezing temperatures. 


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Image of Jewellery Making
11 December 2019

Jewellery Making

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our jewellery making session this morning. It was lovely to see our children working with their families and to be able to share our work with you. The children really enjoyed showing you what they have learnt during this topic especially in the…

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27 November 2019

Mighty Metals

This half term, our topic has been mighty metals. We have planned and carried out a number of scientific investigations and visited Magna where we had lots of fun exploring the hands on science and taking part in the workshops.

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Image of Remembrance Day
13 November 2019

Remembrance Day

This week, for Remembrance Day, we have taken part in the two minute silence and made our own poppy.

We discussed the meaning of the poppy and why we wear them. We have reflected on the feelings of soldiers and those closest to them.

Here we are showing our poppies with pride. 

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