Image of Maya Death Masks
21 October 2022

Maya Death Masks

As part of our topic 'Ancient Maya,' Year 3/4 have enjoyed designing, making and painting their own Ancient Maya death masks. 






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Image of Victorian toys!
5 October 2022

Victorian toys!

We had lots of fun today experiencing Victorian toys.

We asked ourselves these questions:

What is it made of?

What does it look like?

Do I like playing with it?

How do we play with it?

We then chose our favourite! Great work Year 1!

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Image of Our favourite toys!
14 September 2022

Our favourite toys!

Our first topic of the year is a history topic all about toys! 
We have started the topic by bringing in our favourite toys from home.
We had so much fun sharing them with our friends and thinking about what they are made from. 
Well done Class 1!

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Image of Ancient Egyptian Death Masks!
13 July 2022

Ancient Egyptian Death Masks!

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, we were set with the task to design and make our own Egyptian death mask.

We used a range of techniques and tools to create our masks and then, when they were dry, we painted them!

Well done Year 3, they are fantastic!

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Image of Perfect printing!
30 March 2022

Perfect printing!

We have loved our art this half term! We have looked at the work of Orla Kiely, William Morris and Lindsay Phillips. We designed our own leaf prints and then made them using cardboard and string. Today we have created a print strip and we are very proud of our finished art work. Well done Year 3!

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Image of What can we do to help the rainforests?
28 March 2022

What can we do to help the rainforests?

As a class we have spoken about what deforestation means and why it is happening. In groups we sorted positive and negative effects of deforestation and then all made a promise of what we can do to help protect the rainforests. Well done Year 3!


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Image of Y5/6 WWF Threats to Nature: Climate Crisis
9 March 2022

Y5/6 WWF Threats to Nature: Climate Crisis

Today all classes in Y5/6 took part in an interesting and enjoyable online lesson with Amy from the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). She talked to us about how the planet is heating up and how this is affecting life for all plants and animals - including humans. We built on what we have been learning…

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Image of Tudor Pouches
10 February 2022

Tudor Pouches

As part of our Tudor topic, Year 3/4 have been making Tudor pouches in DT It was quite tricky. However, everyone persevered and was able to improve their sewing skills. Many of us were even able to create and sew on our own decorations.


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Image of What did the Romans do for us?
10 December 2021

What did the Romans do for us?

We have come to the end of our topic on Romans. This week the children have been really busy using what they have learnt throughout the unit and further research to plan and produce a PowerPoint presentation about what the Romans have done for Britain, which they presented to the class. They all…

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Image of Tea Party with Paddington
22 October 2021

Tea Party with Paddington

What a fantastic end to our first half term in Key Stage 1. We spent the afternoon watching the film Paddington and enjoying a tea party with our special guest Paddington the Bear.

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Image of Map contour lines
16 October 2020

Map contour lines

This week, year 5 and 6 have been working on improving their map skills. As part of this, they have been identifying contour lines on a map and understanding what they look like in real life. They have even been creating their own 3D contours!



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Image of Class 3CO The Mayans
1 October 2020

Class 3CO The Mayans

In Class 3CO, we have made a fantastic start to our Topic The Mayans. We have done lots of work researching who they were and when in time the fit on the timeline. We have also made a start on making our very own Mayan masks. We can’t wait to see what they turn out…

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