16 September 2022

The bones in our body

We labelled the bones in a human skeleton before working independently to label our own skeleton.

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15 September 2022

Science in Year 5/6

In our Science topic of Properties and changes of materials, our first lesson was to work in groups testing the properties of a variety of different materials. We looked at whether they were magnetic, flexible, transparent, hard and permeable. The materials we tested ranged from wooden spoons and…

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24 June 2022

Classification keys

We learnt about classification keys. We understand that a classification key can be used to separate living things into groups. 

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17 June 2022

Invertebrate Hunt

In science this week, we have been using classification keys to answer questions and identify invertebrate. We had a fantastic time going on an invertebrate hunt, and used our magnifying glasses to study the invertebrate we found including: ants, beetles, spiders, earwigs, ladybirds, slugs, snails…

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6 June 2022

Our butterflies

Today we released our butterflies. We have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and watching this happen within the classroom. 



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25 May 2022

Animals UK visit Year 3/4!

What a brilliant way to kick start our next Science Topic!

This afternoon we were visited by Laura from Animals UK. She introduced us to her millipede Wiggly Woo, Charlotte the tarantula, a Burmese python and Scout the meerkat! Laura told us so many interesting facts and we were able to look at…

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25 May 2022

Animals UK Visit

What a fantastic way to finish off our Minibeasts topic! Laura from Animals UK introduced us to some of her creepy crawly friends including an African millipede, a stick insect and Charlotte the tarantula. Laura told us lots of interesting facts about the animals and we also got to look at them…

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19 May 2022

Yucky Worms!

After reading Yucky Worms! By Vivian French, we made our own wormery. We had great fun and we are enjoying watching them work. 

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13 May 2022

The Water Cycle

In science, this week, we have been learning about the water cycle. We learnt about the different stages and had lots of fun acting out the journey of a water droplet within the water cycle. We couldn’t believe that the water we drink, could have been drunk by a dinosaur!

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12 May 2022


The children in Foundation have enjoyed learning about minibeasts. We have been reading a range of Eric Carle stories as well as sharing some information books. They can now tell us lots of facts about different minibeasts and have enjoyed writing some riddles, labelling a ladybird and writing…

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5 May 2022

Science investigators

In science, we planned and set up an investigation to find out if temperature affects how fast towels dry. We talked about how we would ensure it was a fair test and which variables we would change and which we keep the same. 

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22 April 2022

Science - habitats

The children have been looking at different habitats and thinking about the animals and plants that would be found there.  We watched the habitat videos from bbc bite size to look at different habitats. We also had discussions around why these animals and plants are suitable for the…

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