Image of Reception Room on the Broom Day
1 November 2022

Reception Room on the Broom Day

Don’t we all look brilliant in our costumes?! We have had a very busy and exciting day today. We have made potions, spells and magic wands. We also wrote our own spooky spells and enjoyed finding rhyming words in the yucky goblin snot rhyming pot! We listened well to the story of Room on the…

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Image of World Book Day 2022
3 March 2022

World Book Day 2022

We have enjoyed showing off our costumes, sharing our books with friends, writing character descriptions and making bookmarks for our school books to celebrate World Book Day.

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Image of Tricky Troll Word Work
2 February 2022

Tricky Troll Word Work

We have been practising our tricky troll words in lots of different ways. We spotted them in some books, played games, used flash cards and practised writing them without peeking! We are doing brilliantly! 

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Image of Y5/6 Collaborative Persuasive Letter Writing
28 January 2022

Y5/6 Collaborative Persuasive Letter Writing

In Y5/6, we have been studying and writing formal persuasive letters.  Today, we imagined KS2 SATs were going to be abolished.  As a class, we discuss whether we thought that children should have to do SATs or not.  At the end of our discussion, we had a vote and the class decided that KS2…

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Image of What did the Romans do for us?
10 December 2021

What did the Romans do for us?

We have come to the end of our topic on Romans. This week the children have been really busy using what they have learnt throughout the unit and further research to plan and produce a PowerPoint presentation about what the Romans have done for Britain, which they presented to the class. They all…

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Image of Y5/6 Blitz Setting Description
26 November 2021

Y5/6 Blitz Setting Description

As part of our topic on World War 2, we have been learning about the Blitz.  We have been looking at images, videos and reading first hand accounts of the air raids that happened during that time.  We generated descriptive and figurative language phrases individually and shared and developed them…

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Image of Y5/6 WW2 setting description
5 November 2021

Y5/6 WW2 setting description

This week in our English lessons we have begun a new unit to create a setting description about an air raid during WW2.  This week, we have watched a video called 'London Can Take It' and started to collect vocabulary and descriptive phrases we can use in our writing.  We have created a word…

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Image of Room on the Broom
4 November 2021

Room on the Broom

Don’t we look fantastic in our spooky costumes?! We enjoyed sharing the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. We looked at the rhyming words and made our own silly rhyming spells. We had lots of fun in the spooky sensory trays and play dough. We even wrote our own potion ingredients out and…

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Image of Happy Friday!
24 April 2020

Happy Friday!

We would like to end our week with a lovely poem by Molly, Year 5. Earlier this week we set the Year 5's a challenge of writing a poem called 'Changes'. They were asked to use a video link to a poem with the same title, performed in a rap style, as inspiration.You can find the link below if you…

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25 March 2020

Write a letter to the NHS!

As we know that some of you really enjoyed writing our ‘Dear Human’ letter this term, we would like to recommend this set of online lessons. Each session is half an hour long with the end result being a thank you letter to the hardworking super heroes of our NHS.

Lesson 1 looks at vocabulary…

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Image of Balanced argument - Class 5SG
6 February 2020

Balanced argument - Class 5SG

In Year 5, we have been looking at balanced arguments. To start this unit off, the children were given a point of view on a piece of paper and had to find their matching group. This lead to them deciding if they were for or against fireworks, the royal family or homework. Once they had sorted…

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Image of Dragon on the loose!
4 February 2020

Dragon on the loose!

We could not believe what we were greeted with in the Key Stage One classrooms this morning!

The classrooms had been turned totally upside down. There were burnt books, footprints, scales and a huge mess! After inspecting what had been left in the destruction, we came to the conclusion that a…

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