25 November 2022

New playground equipment!

During assembly this morning, the Rotary Club kindly donated some new outdoor equipment for us to play with at playtime. We have had great fun trying it out today!

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17 November 2022

Celebration assembly

It was lovely to hear so many children celebrating their achievements and contributions to the community this week. Well done everyone. 

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11 November 2022

4th November Celebration Assembly

It was fantastic to hear about all the children’s achievements outside school. They enjoyed sharing their certificates and telling me how they achieved them. 


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9 November 2022

Seasons and Celebrations!

We have made an excellent start to our new topic this week; Seasons and Celebrations! We shared our experiences of bonfire night and talked about the sounds, sights and smells during the celebrations. We learnt a little bit about Guy Fawkes and who he was. We discussed how he is a British…

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1 November 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly 1/11/22

Well done to the children who shared their achievements with us in assembly today. It was lovely to hear about the brilliant things you have been doing. We heard about gymnastic triumphs, Brownies badges, a history quest, winning at games at a kids club on holiday and several boys told us about…

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20 October 2022

Celebration assembly 20/10/22

It was lovely to hear about a range of achievements in assembly. The children were so proud to show us their awards and tell us about them. 


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13 September 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly 13/09/22

It was lovely to hear the children in KS2 share their achievements today. We celebrated tournament winners, man of the match and improved player in football. We also heard about a level 6 achieved in Ice Skating, improvements in Cheer-leading and someone who completed a Reading Challenge over the…

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21 July 2022


We had a great day yesterday making vegetable pizzas! After learning about how vegetables and fruits grow, we were keen to give some of them a try. We read Oliver’s Vegetables and discussed the different places that vegetables can be grown. Our pizzas tasted pretty good and we have really improved…

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16 June 2022

Celebration Assembly

Well done to all the children who shared their achievements this week. It is really nice to see what they achieve outside school. 


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16 June 2022

Grimsby Town Football Coaching

We definitely have some future football superstars here at Springfield! Shane from Grimsby Town coaching was so impressed with the listening and attention skills demonstrated by the children. They took part in lots of exciting games and activities to improve their control, coordination and…

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14 June 2022

Celebration Assembly KS2

Well done to children who have told us about their achievements this week.

We enjoyed hearing about your successes in football, gymnastics, running the 5k Race for Life, Ice skating, swimming and performance poetry!



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