Image of Remembrance Day
11 November 2022

Remembrance Day

We were very respectful during the silence at 11am. We then learnt about the importance of Remembrance Day before making our beautiful poppies this afternoon.

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Image of We are illustrators!
4 November 2022

We are illustrators!

This week, we have been learning about the illustrator of our class story Quentin Blake. We learnt that he starts with the facial expressions of his characters as getting this right is the most difficult part to do. In our sketch books, we tried drawing different faces to show different…

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Image of Maya Death Masks
21 October 2022

Maya Death Masks

As part of our topic 'Ancient Maya,' Year 3/4 have enjoyed designing, making and painting their own Ancient Maya death masks. 






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Image of Y5/6 Clay Pictograms
15 July 2022

Y5/6 Clay Pictograms

As part of our topic on Olympics, we have created pictogram tiles, in the style of those used at the Athens games in 2004, using clay.  The children also used ancient Greek pottery as inspiration.  


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Image of Ancient Egyptian Death Masks!
13 July 2022

Ancient Egyptian Death Masks!

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, we were set with the task to design and make our own Egyptian death mask.

We used a range of techniques and tools to create our masks and then, when they were dry, we painted them!

Well done Year 3, they are fantastic!

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Image of Flower sewing.
6 June 2022

Flower sewing.

We have been looking at flowers and started by observational drawing.  We thought about the flowers that we would want to sew.  We selected the material that what we wanted for the petals, drew and cut out the petals and then embarked on the sewing.  It was difficult for some but we all…

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Image of Y56 Olympic Art
20 May 2022

Y56 Olympic Art

This week, whilst some children have been away at Castleton, the children at school have been learning about the symbolism of the Olympic Rings and the Olympic Flame. 

Using the symbolism and imagery of the Rings and Flame as a starting point they have explored colour, shape and pattern to…

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Image of Year 5/6 McCoo artwork
6 May 2022

Year 5/6 McCoo artwork

In art this week, Year 5 and 6 have been replicating the artwork of Steven Brown’s famous McCoo paintings. We started by sketching a highland cow following a step by step guide. Once we were confident with our sketches, we then redrew them onto dark card with a pencil. We then added brightly…

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Image of Art
29 April 2022


This term, we will creating our own water colour paintings of river landscapes. Today, we practised mixing colours.

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Image of Puppet making
1 April 2022

Puppet making

We have been learning about different kinds of puppets and looked at some from a long time ago. We then had to design our own finger puppet. We could choose any character either from the traditional stories we have been reading or any other characters we know. We had to think carefully about what…

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Image of Perfect printing!
30 March 2022

Perfect printing!

We have loved our art this half term! We have looked at the work of Orla Kiely, William Morris and Lindsay Phillips. We designed our own leaf prints and then made them using cardboard and string. Today we have created a print strip and we are very proud of our finished art work. Well done Year 3!

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Image of Y5/6 Press print compass designs
9 March 2022

Y5/6 Press print compass designs

We have mastered the art of using compasses to draw circles. We then created patterns inspired by traditional navigational compass designs and mandala patterns. The next tricky stage was to transfer our designs to polystyrene press print. Once our design was ready we selected our colours and…

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