Image of Polar bear art
10 February 2022

Polar bear art

This week we have enjoyed practising drawing our own polar bear. We spent time looking at different images and recreating our own. We carefully used a range of straight and curved lines. They then created their own chalk polar bear. 


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Image of Bonfire art
21 November 2021

Bonfire art

For Bonfire night the children made bonfire/ firework pictures.  We used wax crayons to cover a piece of white paper then painted it with black paint.  To create and reveal the fireworks we used clay tools to score out the fireworks.



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Image of Celebrations
17 November 2021


We have been learning about different celebrations. We have talked about Bonfire night, birthdays and Diwali. Look at the wonderful diva lamps and rangoli patterns we have made! 

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Image of Blitz Inspired Art
22 October 2021

Blitz Inspired Art

As part of our topic on WW2, we created Blitz inspired art work in the style of Claude Francis Barrie. The children first had to use colours that represented fire to create a colour washed background to show how London was burning from all the bombing. Next, the children created silhouettes to…

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Image of Junk modelling London landmarks
22 October 2021

Junk modelling London landmarks

We have all enjoyed making our junk models of famous London landmarks using all the materials we have brought in from home. We have recreated Big Ben, The Shard and a Big red bus!

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Image of Class 1’s London Landmark models
22 October 2021

Class 1’s London Landmark models

We have had a fantastic time making our junk models of London Landmarks. We worked in groups and made models of the Millennium Dome, Big Ben, The Shard and a Red bus using all the cardboard we brought in from home. We had a brilliant time working together!

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Image of Making London Landmarks
18 October 2021

Making London Landmarks

In groups we have been making London Landmarks. We bought in lots of cardboard plastic and paper to create our models. We had lots of fun making them.

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Image of What do you think to our Rangoli patterns?
29 September 2021

What do you think to our Rangoli patterns?

We had so much fun creating our own rangoli patterns onto our pebbles. We designed them and then carefully painted our patterns. We can’t wait to display them around school for you all to see during Divali!


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Image of Cubist Art Portraits
14 May 2021

Cubist Art Portraits

In Y5/6 we have been learning about the cubist style of art, first invented by Picasso and George Braque and we have experimented with creating our own cubist portraits.  Here are some or our portraits.


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Image of Making and creating in FS1
26 March 2021

Making and creating in FS1

We have been busy this week making and creating. We have made our own tie dye T-shirt’s, musical instruments and also had a go at African drumming with Mrs Carrington. 


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Image of Year 3’s Mayan Calendar Stones
4 December 2020

Year 3’s Mayan Calendar Stones

After our clay Mayan calendar stones dried out, we were able to paint them. We chose between gold, bronze or copper paint to make them look ancient and precious and they turned out beautifully.


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Image of Eric Carle
6 November 2020

Eric Carle

This week we have been learning about and enjoying the work of Eric Carle.

We enjoyed looking at a selection of Eric Carle books and learning about how he created his fabulous art work!

Eric Carle uses collage to create his illustrations. He does this by painting sheets of paper and…

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