Image of Seasons and Celebrations!
9 November 2022

Seasons and Celebrations!

We have made an excellent start to our new topic this week; Seasons and Celebrations! We shared our experiences of bonfire night and talked about the sounds, sights and smells during the celebrations. We learnt a little bit about Guy Fawkes and who he was. We discussed how he is a British…

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Image of Our Community Helpers!
20 October 2022

Our Community Helpers!

In reception, we have talked lots about the people in our community who can help us. We have had visits from April, who works for the police and Mark and crew from the fire service. They all told us about their jobs and how they help people. They showed us their special uniforms, their equipment…

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Image of Paramedics Jamie and Mike Visit Reception!
6 October 2022

Paramedics Jamie and Mike Visit Reception!

Today we were visited by Mike and Jamie who are paramedics. They told us about how they help people. We looked around their ambulance and they showed us the special equipment they use to help make people better. We listened to the loud sirens and talked about what we should do in an emergency.…

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Image of Pizza
21 July 2022


We had a great day yesterday making vegetable pizzas! After learning about how vegetables and fruits grow, we were keen to give some of them a try. We read Oliver’s Vegetables and discussed the different places that vegetables can be grown. Our pizzas tasted pretty good and we have really improved…

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Image of Nursery- What the Ladybird Heard
30 June 2022

Nursery- What the Ladybird Heard

Nursery have enjoyed learning through ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ themed activities this week. We also learnt about how different fruits are grown on a farm and tasted a sample ourselves!

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Image of Y5/6 Visit from Mrs Deller
20 June 2022

Y5/6 Visit from Mrs Deller

This term we have been learning and talking about commitment in religion and we have been comparing how Sikhs and Christians show commitment to their faith.

We invited Mrs Deller from the local Baptist church in to speak to us about how she and other Christians show commitment to their faith…

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Image of Springfield Royal Variety Performance
6 June 2022

Springfield Royal Variety Performance

Well done to all the children who performed in our Variety Show to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.  All the staff and children thoroughly enjoyed watching the auditions and the show. 

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Image of Our butterflies
6 June 2022

Our butterflies

Today we released our butterflies. We have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and watching this happen within the classroom. 



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Image of Animals UK visit Year 3/4!
25 May 2022

Animals UK visit Year 3/4!

What a brilliant way to kick start our next Science Topic!

This afternoon we were visited by Laura from Animals UK. She introduced us to her millipede Wiggly Woo, Charlotte the tarantula, a Burmese python and Scout the meerkat! Laura told us so many interesting facts and we were able to look at…

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Image of Animals UK Visit
25 May 2022

Animals UK Visit

What a fantastic way to finish off our Minibeasts topic! Laura from Animals UK introduced us to some of her creepy crawly friends including an African millipede, a stick insect and Charlotte the tarantula. Laura told us lots of interesting facts about the animals and we also got to look at them…

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Image of Yucky Worms!
19 May 2022

Yucky Worms!

After reading Yucky Worms! By Vivian French, we made our own wormery. We had great fun and we are enjoying watching them work. 

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Image of Minibeasts
12 May 2022


The children in Foundation have enjoyed learning about minibeasts. We have been reading a range of Eric Carle stories as well as sharing some information books. They can now tell us lots of facts about different minibeasts and have enjoyed writing some riddles, labelling a ladybird and writing…

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