21 November 2022

Children In Need 2022

Well done and thank you to everyone who donated to Children In Need, whether you dressed up in spots or not.

There were some lovely outfits and it seems many children had grown some unusual ears!

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15 November 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly 4/11/22

Wow - so many children celebrating their achievements and contributions to the community this week. We had our usual sporting achievements in football for children attending clubs or competitions and successes in swimming and a dance competition. Additionally three of our Y6 boys took part in the…

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8 November 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly 8/11/22

Some more terrific celebrations this week again. It was lovely to hear about your achievements in football, in swimming, Brownies,dance and success in being a history detective.

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18 October 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly 18/10/22

It was lovely to hear about a fantastic range of achievements today in assembly. We have had medals for football, somebody ran a 2K and someone else was a page boy and ring bearer at a wedding. We also heard about a gold award for kickboxing and success in basketball festivals and tournaments.…

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4 October 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly 04/10

What a mix of achievements this week! It was brilliant to hear about all the fantastic things you have been doing.

We had two children who can now swim 100 metres, a badge at Brownies for cooking s'mores, a football training excellence award, a first at a dog skills competition, three Ninja…

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27 September 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly 27/09

It was lovely to hear about such a wide range of activities and achievements this week. Children in Key Stage 2 shared their successes in football, karate, dance, gymnastics, swimming and one of our pupils has even had a letter from the Queen after writing to her!

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23 September 2022

Year 5 Not in Our Community drama workshop

Year 5 took part in a drama workshop which focused on Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) as part of the Not in Our Community project, which aims to protect children from grooming and exploitation. They talked about what grooming is and how it can happen in real life and online and done by anyone…

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15 September 2022

Celebration Assembly

It was wonderful to hear about all the children’s achievements today. They all spoke confidently about their hobby/sport. We had rainbows, Beavers, swimming, reading, dancing and kick boxing today. 


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14 July 2022


It was lovely to see some more fantastic achievements. The children are now becoming more confident at telling everyone themselves. We also listened to some other fantastic everyday achievements.    

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5 July 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly 02/07

It was fantastic to hear about all the brilliant things you have been doing outside of school including; swimming, painting and football tournaments.

Well done everyone.

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4 July 2022

Year 6 Transition Workshop

This afternoon, the children in Year 6 worked with Mrs Deller on their Transition workshop. They looked at and discussed what they were looking forward to, what they were worried about and what they would miss when they move to Secondary school. Mrs Deller talked about getting to school, moving…

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30 June 2022

Year 5/6 Staying Safe Online workshops

Today in Year 5/6, a local police officer came into school to work with the children on how they can stay safe online. We watched a Newsround special called ‘Caught in the Web’ and discussed the issues that we saw, linking them to the SMART rules we follow when going online.
We then looked at the…

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