Image of Patterns, Patterns Everywhere!
7 October 2021

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere!

This week we have been looking at patterns in our environment, in nature and repeating patterns. We have made patterns using natural materials, objects around the classroom and even ourselves! We have made colour patterns, size patterns, shape patterns and patterns with actions. 

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Image of Practical maths with Class 1
5 October 2021

Practical maths with Class 1

We had a fantastic maths lesson on comparing numbers with the help of Blockzilla. We rolled our dice 2 times to get our two numbers, wrote them on our board and then built the number using Numicon or blocks. We then had to decide which symbol to use - greater than, less than or equal to. We…

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Image of Maths, Phonics, Moving and More!
30 September 2021

Maths, Phonics, Moving and More!

We’ve had such a busy few days in reception. We had lots of fun in our phonics lessons; improving our letter formation in different media, working on hearing initial sounds and reading words to find matching pairs. In maths, we have been comparing objects, quantities, heights and lengths. We have…

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Image of Busy bees in Year 3!
28 September 2021

Busy bees in Year 3!

We have had a very busy start to our week. Here we are working collaboratively in our Maths and Science lessons. We worked hard finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a 3 digit number. We then successfully took on the Scrapheap Challenge in Science sorting materials into magnetic and…

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Image of Positional Language
19 November 2020

Positional Language

This week we have been learning to use positional language and follow positional language directions. We had fun playing the beanbag game. We listened carefully to the directions and placed the beanbags in the right positions. We then took turns to give and follow positional language instructions.…

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9 October 2020

Number lines!

For the last 2 days in Year 1, we have been learning to use a number line. We needed to count how many 'jumps' it would take to get from one number to another. It was important that we counted accurately so that we didn't count too many!

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Image of Sophie's Super Work
30 April 2020

Sophie's Super Work

Well done to Sophie in Year 4, who has been very busy. Sophie has been regularly logging onto Bug Club, Prodigy and her Times Tables Rock Stars account as well as remembering to log on to Big Maths to complete her weekly challenges. But not only that, she has also been working hard at home doing…

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Image of Congratulations Y4CS
27 April 2020

Congratulations Y4CS

Well done to everyone working hard last week; there were lots of you logging on to Bug Club and Prodigy.

Our class top three Bug Clubbers for last week were:

1st Place: Alicia

2nd Place: Ava

3rd Place: Jasmine

Our top three Prodigy players were:

1st Place: Ryder

2nd Place:…

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Image of Big Maths logins.
23 March 2020

Big Maths logins.

Year 5 can now access Big Maths online learning from home. This means that children can continue to work on  Clics and Safe tests once they have completed the paper version the class teacher sent home. 

To access your child’s account they will need to input these details:


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Image of Maths home learning.
21 March 2020

Maths home learning.

If you are thinking about the week ahead and would like some help with maths then these websites are now providing free online lessons along with matching resources. 

The White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of five lessons for each year group from Year 1-8. They will be adding five more…

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