31 October 2022

Y4 Mathematicians

In maths, we have started our unit on area. Today, we were learning what area is and using sticky notes to make different shapes that had the same area.


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Image of Year4 Mathematicians
17 October 2022

Year4 Mathematicians

In maths, we have been learning how to use written methods for subtraction. This has been a little tricky. However, we have persevered and found that using the place value counters has helped a lot.

Well done everyone. Keep up the hard work. ⭐️

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Image of Repeated patterns
3 October 2022

Repeated patterns

We have been learning about repeating patterns. Today the children enjoyed continuing a repeated pattern with different equipment. 

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Image of Meeting Blockzilla!
1 October 2022

Meeting Blockzilla!

We have worked so hard in maths this week! We met the Blockzillas who have helped us to compare numbers. First we had to find a number in the classroom that was either greater than, less than or equal to Mrs Robinson’s number and then we worked in pairs to compare our own numbers!

Great work…

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Image of What time do you…
25 May 2022

What time do you…

In maths in Year 3, we have recapped telling the time to o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. We have then moved on to telling the time to 5 minutes and on a Roman numeral clock. We enjoyed finding out what the Queen did in her day and then showing it on our clock that was just like…

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Image of Number work
5 May 2022

Number work

We have been learning the composition of teen numbers. We have enjoyed playing lots of different games. 

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29 March 2022

Reception Maths

We have been very busy in maths. We have enjoyed playing naughty kangaroo and looking at different combinations of 10. We can now work collaboratively in pairs and small groups. We are getting better at concentrating for longer periods of time.


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Image of Flashback 4 - maths
17 March 2022

Flashback 4 - maths

Confidently demonstrating to the rest of the class how to use standard method to work out the difference between two numbers. 

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Image of Collaborative maths
17 March 2022

Collaborative maths

Fantastic collaboration between partners today in maths when learning how to work out the perimeter of a shape.

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Image of Maths
14 March 2022


Today’s maths was a practical session getting to grips with tenths and hundredths. The children worked together to create patterns for their partners to find the fractions. 

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Image of Class 1 Maths
1 February 2022

Class 1 Maths

In class 1 we have been using lots of equipment to help us in our maths lessons. We have been adding and subtracting within 20 using objects such as teddies, vehicles and counters, tens frames and number lines. We do this to help us work out our answer and then we write it down on our…

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Image of Room on the Broom
4 November 2021

Room on the Broom

Don’t we look fantastic in our spooky costumes?! We enjoyed sharing the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. We looked at the rhyming words and made our own silly rhyming spells. We had lots of fun in the spooky sensory trays and play dough. We even wrote our own potion ingredients out and…

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