1 November 2022

Reception Room on the Broom Day

Don’t we all look brilliant in our costumes?! We have had a very busy and exciting day today. We have made potions, spells and magic wands. We also wrote our own spooky spells and enjoyed finding rhyming words in the yucky goblin snot rhyming pot! We listened well to the story of Room on the…

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4 October 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly 04/10

What a mix of achievements this week! It was brilliant to hear about all the fantastic things you have been doing.

We had two children who can now swim 100 metres, a badge at Brownies for cooking s'mores, a football training excellence award, a first at a dog skills competition, three Ninja…

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23 September 2022

Year 5 Not in Our Community drama workshop

Year 5 took part in a drama workshop which focused on Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) as part of the Not in Our Community project, which aims to protect children from grooming and exploitation. They talked about what grooming is and how it can happen in real life and online and done by anyone…

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13 September 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly 13/09/22

It was lovely to hear the children in KS2 share their achievements today. We celebrated tournament winners, man of the match and improved player in football. We also heard about a level 6 achieved in Ice Skating, improvements in Cheer-leading and someone who completed a Reading Challenge over the…

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25 May 2022

Year 3/4 Jubilee Party!

We had so much fun at the Jubilee Disco! 

Lucas and Marni were guitar hero superstars and many other prizes were won! 
Look at those smiles!

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25 May 2022

Animals UK visit Year 3/4!

What a brilliant way to kick start our next Science Topic!

This afternoon we were visited by Laura from Animals UK. She introduced us to her millipede Wiggly Woo, Charlotte the tarantula, a Burmese python and Scout the meerkat! Laura told us so many interesting facts and we were able to look at…

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18 May 2022

Castleton Day 2

The children had a very exciting second day! 

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17 May 2022

Castleton Day 1

The children have had a fantastic first day! 

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