Image of (DT) Warming Winter Soup
16 December 2022

(DT) Warming Winter Soup

For our DT unit this term, we wanted to create a healthy, economic snack, which would warm people up after returning home from carol singing in the cold, night air. We decided that each class would make their own vegetable soup with a base of carrots, parsnips, onions and potates and flavour…

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Image of Technology with Textiles - Mobile phone cases
29 April 2022

Technology with Textiles - Mobile phone cases

The children in Y5/6 designed and made felt mobile phone cases.

First they had to decide on the design criteria and specification (the intended user, the aesthetic appeal and functionality) . Then they created annotated drawings to show what it would look like from the front, side and…

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Image of Puppet making
1 April 2022

Puppet making

We have been learning about different kinds of puppets and looked at some from a long time ago. We then had to design our own finger puppet. We could choose any character either from the traditional stories we have been reading or any other characters we know. We had to think carefully about what…

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Image of KS1 DT
22 March 2022


In DT, the children in Year 1 and 2 were looking at the theme of wheels and axles to create their own moving vehicles. They looked at a variety of toy vehicles to see how they moved and created their own design using those wheels and axles. They worked collaboratively, looking at how to make a…

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Image of Tudor Pouches
10 February 2022

Tudor Pouches

As part of our Tudor topic, Year 3/4 have been making Tudor pouches in DT It was quite tricky. However, everyone persevered and was able to improve their sewing skills. Many of us were even able to create and sew on our own decorations.


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Image of Year 3/4 DT
19 November 2021

Year 3/4 DT

As part of our unit on Romans, Year 3/4 have been trying to make a Roman catapult. It was tricky but we persevered and were able to successfully make different designs.

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Image of Junk modelling London landmarks
22 October 2021

Junk modelling London landmarks

We have all enjoyed making our junk models of famous London landmarks using all the materials we have brought in from home. We have recreated Big Ben, The Shard and a Big red bus!

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Image of Class 1’s London Landmark models
22 October 2021

Class 1’s London Landmark models

We have had a fantastic time making our junk models of London Landmarks. We worked in groups and made models of the Millennium Dome, Big Ben, The Shard and a Red bus using all the cardboard we brought in from home. We had a brilliant time working together!

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Image of Making London Landmarks
18 October 2021

Making London Landmarks

In groups we have been making London Landmarks. We bought in lots of cardboard plastic and paper to create our models. We had lots of fun making them.

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Image of Computer Aided Design
19 March 2021

Computer Aided Design

This week, Year 5/6 have been working on their Design shelter. We have been creating our shelters on a CAD program called Tinkercad. For the first time, we have managed to see our shelter designs come to life! Next week we will be matching our CAD designs to our design and manufacturing…

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Image of Yummy Home Learning
23 April 2020

Yummy Home Learning

It is lovely to hear about and see all the different activities and new skills you are learning whilst being at home. To show his support for the work of the NHS Max in Year 4 has been busy baking a cake, which i think we can all agree looks yummy.

Well done Max! Keep up the good work.


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Image of Bug Hotel.
20 April 2020

Bug Hotel.

George, Year 5, has been busy learning how to make a bug hotel with his dad. He has learnt new woodwork skills, including how to use a hammer and nails safely, whilst caring for the environment. Well done George, this looks amazing and I am sure will be a great place for our garden mini beasts…

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