4 November 2022

Introduction to Spreadsheets in Year 5/6

This half term in Computing, we have started our new unit ‘Introduction to Spreadsheets’. We also had to start by learning how to logon to our class Teams page to access the work we are going to be doing. We then looked at a blank spreadsheet, identifying the cells, rows and columns and then using…

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11 October 2022

Using Search Engines Successfully in Y5/6

When we have been completing research in our Topic lessons, we need to be able to search the internet using specific and unambiguous vocabulary to find exactly what we need. Therefore, we have spent time in our computing sessions using the iPads or Laptops learning how to do this quickly and…

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30 June 2022

Year 5/6 Staying Safe Online workshops

Today in Year 5/6, a local police officer came into school to work with the children on how they can stay safe online. We watched a Newsround special called ‘Caught in the Web’ and discussed the issues that we saw, linking them to the SMART rules we follow when going online.
We then looked at the…

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21 April 2022

Perspective photography

Fantastic collaboration when working in groups of three to create perspective photos in computing. Some very effective results.

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29 March 2022

Year 1 Computing -PicCollage

As part of Science, the children have been looking at seasonal changes and what the early signs of Spring are. In computing, we then found images on the internet and saved them to our iPads. We then learnt lots of different skills to create a collage of our images on PicCollage. We chose a colour…

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25 March 2022

Computing challenges

Our brains were put to the test this afternoon when we had to draw shapes on the computers using loops. It was a tricky challenge, but we persevered and succeeded with lots of teamwork.

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1 February 2022

Programming with Class 1/2

In year 1 and 2 we have been learning about algorithms and how everything we do uses a simple set of instructions to work. We then used an app on the IPADs called Tynker Junior to complete simple problems where we had to put in instructions so our character could collect all the coins. As the…

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28 January 2022


In computing, Year 3/4 have been making PowerPoints titled 'All about Me.' They have learnt to select themes, insert text boxes and new slides, edit and format text, insert pictures  and change transitions.

Well done everyone.

They are looking fantastic.

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10 December 2021

What did the Romans do for us?

We have come to the end of our topic on Romans. This week the children have been really busy using what they have learnt throughout the unit and further research to plan and produce a PowerPoint presentation about what the Romans have done for Britain, which they presented to the class. They all…

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3 December 2021

Y56 Computer-aided design, using Sketch-up

The children have been exploring how to create 3D designs on computer. First they created a room and then added features and details such as furniture and decoration. Skills included: resizing, manipulating and rearranging features to create the best effect. Here are a few screenshots of their…

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22 October 2021

Finding human and physical features of London using Google maps.

In geography we have been looking at human and physical features. We used Google Maps to find London and to find the human and physical features of our capital city. We had great fun zooming in and pressing on the binoculars to visit the places as if we were there.


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14 October 2021

Word Processing Skills

Over the last few weeks, we have been improving our word processing skills in Year 5/6. We have been learning keyboard shortcuts, inserting and editing images, editing text, using a spellchecking tool and inserting and manipulating tables.

We all seem to be really interested in learning how to…

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