17 November 2022

Celebration assembly

It was lovely to hear so many children celebrating their achievements and contributions to the community this week. Well done everyone. 

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4 October 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly 04/10

What a mix of achievements this week! It was brilliant to hear about all the fantastic things you have been doing.

We had two children who can now swim 100 metres, a badge at Brownies for cooking s'mores, a football training excellence award, a first at a dog skills competition, three Ninja…

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29 September 2022

Celebration Assembly

Congratulations to all the children in assembly today. We heard about some fantastic achievements outside school. 

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21 July 2022

Ice creams for everyone!

To celebrate the end of year all the children and staff enjoyed a well deserved treat. 


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14 July 2022


It was lovely to see some more fantastic achievements. The children are now becoming more confident at telling everyone themselves. We also listened to some other fantastic everyday achievements.    

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17 May 2022

KS2 Celebration Assembly

It was lovely to celebrate our children’s achievements out of school. Football, basketball, karate and kick boxing were all represented this week. Well done everyone.


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28 April 2022

Celebration Assembly

It was lovely to see so many awards and achievements. Swimming, dancing, football, cheerleading and many more. Well done everyone.

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4 October 2021

You should be very proud!

Over the last few weeks it has been lovely to celebrate and share lots of out of school achievements. 

A huge well done to Lucas for achieving his red belt in karate following his grading. We loved watching the video, what discipline you showed!

A big well done to Sofia for winning her…

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