Image of Year 6 Daily Maths
9 April 2020

Year 6 Daily Maths

Here are some daily maths exercises to do at home. See if you can time yourself. Can you answer the questions in under 2 minutes?


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Image of Year 6!
9 April 2020

Year 6!

Here is a photograph of our 2019-2020 year six team.


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Image of Y6 sports relief!
16 March 2020

Y6 sports relief!

Year 6 had a fabulous time on Friday for sports relief! They all worked really hard!


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Image of World Book Day Y5/6
9 March 2020

World Book Day Y5/6

On Friday, year 5 and 6 celebrated World Book Day by spending some time reading with year 1 and 2. Everyone loved their books and the KS1 loved to listen to the older children read! Great job everyone!




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Image of Winter Olympics!
10 February 2020

Winter Olympics!

Today year 6 had a fantastic afternoon during Winter Olympics! They all worked really hard! We had a great competition this year! Well done everyone!



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Image of Coding when and do loops
31 January 2020

Coding when and do loops

During our coding lesson this week, 6EN deconstructed code on the Kodu coding studio. They continued with their understanding of the when do loop and they even debugged written code and the code they then created for themselves. Well done everyone, you will be building a game in no…

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Image of Handball
22 January 2020


This week the year 6 children have worked super hard to improve their passing, catching and teamwork skills for their handball session. You all worked super hard and you made great teams!



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Image of Frozen Kingdom Immersive Space
21 January 2020

Frozen Kingdom Immersive Space

Yesterday, year 5 and 6 visited Cloverfields to experience the freezing polar region in the Immersive Space. The children enjoyed seeing the animals close up and personal, as well as experiencing the freezing temperatures. 


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Image of Remembrance 11.11.2019
11 November 2019

Remembrance 11.11.2019

Today, a selection of year 5 and 6 children took their wreaths to Waltham’s cenotaph in order to respect and remember those that fought and lost their lives during the war. All of the children were sensible and represented the school extremely well. 

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Image of Heart Dissection!
5 November 2019

Heart Dissection!

As our new topic is 'Blood Heart', we began our topic yesterday by watching a dissection of a pig's heart! We learnt about the functions of each part of the heart, what they really look like close up and why it pumps blood in and out of the heart, to the lungs and around the body. We also found…

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