Image of Year 5/6 Science Reflection
19 November 2021

Year 5/6 Science Reflection

In the science lesson this week, we stood a mirror up on a piece of white paper and we made a narrow slit in a piece of card. We dimmed the lights and shone a torch through the slit towards the mirror. We then drew both the rays of incidence and reflection. After that, we drew a dashed line where…

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Image of Word Processing Skills
14 October 2021

Word Processing Skills

Over the last few weeks, we have been improving our word processing skills in Year 5/6. We have been learning keyboard shortcuts, inserting and editing images, editing text, using a spellchecking tool and inserting and manipulating tables.

We all seem to be really interested in learning how to…

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Image of Athletics
24 September 2021


We have had a great athletics lesson today with Miss Green. She taught us a variety of athletics activities that involved throwing and catching and it is safe to say that we were exhausted!



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Image of Computer Aided Design
19 March 2021

Computer Aided Design

This week, Year 5/6 have been working on their Design shelter. We have been creating our shelters on a CAD program called Tinkercad. For the first time, we have managed to see our shelter designs come to life! Next week we will be matching our CAD designs to our design and manufacturing…

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Image of Hockey skills
13 November 2020

Hockey skills

This week in PE, we have been improving our dribbling and push passing skills in hockey. We are now using only one side of our stick and we are getting quicker at moving the ball. Next week we are going to be focusing on improving our control and aiming.


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Image of Spreadsheet skills
13 November 2020

Spreadsheet skills

This week in our computing lessons, we have been recapping what we know about spreadsheets and their basic functions. We have also been learning about calcullating answers using formulas. We now know how to use the shortcuts for adding (+) subtracting (-), multiplying (*) and dividing (/)…

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Image of Map contour lines
16 October 2020

Map contour lines

This week, year 5 and 6 have been working on improving their map skills. As part of this, they have been identifying contour lines on a map and understanding what they look like in real life. They have even been creating their own 3D contours!



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Image of Town and Country Atlas work
9 September 2020

Town and Country Atlas work

To begin our topic ‘Town and Country’, we were given a map quiz and had to use our atlas skills to find the answers. Some of the mountain ranges and towns were tricky to find, however we used what we knew about atlases to search through the index. 


Well done everyone. You have all worked…

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Image of The remarkable things people have been doing to help others through the coronavirus outbreak
28 April 2020

The remarkable things people have been doing to help others through the coronavirus outbreak

A poem created by our very own Year 6 student has been published on the Grimsby Live news website!

It is very nice to see people being creative and getting involved in building community morale.

Great work Millie!


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Image of Classroom Secrets Home Learning Pack Y6
14 April 2020

Classroom Secrets Home Learning Pack Y6

Here are some extra maths and English revision resources!


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