Image of Y5/6 Tag Rugby
28 September 2022

Y5/6 Tag Rugby

This morning, we attended a tag rugby festival at Bradley Pitches training centre.  We, along with several other schools, completed various training drills before playing a short game.  Well done to everyone who took part.


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Image of Y5/6 Tealby Visit
23 September 2022

Y5/6 Tealby Visit

As part of our geography topic, we visited Tealby to compare it with our local area.  In the run up to our visit, we have been learning to use Ordnance Survey maps and we put this use around Tealby in our pairs.  Take a look at the photos from our visit.

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Image of Y5/6 Clay Pictograms
15 July 2022

Y5/6 Clay Pictograms

As part of our topic on Olympics, we have created pictogram tiles, in the style of those used at the Athens games in 2004, using clay.  The children also used ancient Greek pottery as inspiration.  


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Image of Y3 and Y5 Royal Shakespeare Class Assembly
8 July 2022

Y3 and Y5 Royal Shakespeare Class Assembly

The Y5 and Y3 children were lucky enough to work with a play director in conjunction with Hull Truck Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company.  We workshopped sections from Much Ado About Nothing - one of Shakespeare's plays - and came up with scenesin groups.  We teamed up with Y3 and showcased…

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Image of Y5 RSC Drama Workshop
23 June 2022

Y5 RSC Drama Workshop

The Y5 children have had a wonderful morning today in our drama workshop with a professional creative director working with us through the Royal Shakespeare Company and Hull Truck Theatre.  We began our morning with lots of warm-up games for our voices.  We worked on freeze frames of various…

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Image of Y5/6 Sports Day
23 June 2022

Y5/6 Sports Day

We all had a wonderful morning yesterday at our first proper sports day in three years!  It was great to have all the parents in to watch and with such glorious weather.  Well done to all of Y5/6 for being such good sports stars.


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Image of Y5/6 Platinum Jubilee Party
24 May 2022

Y5/6 Platinum Jubilee Party

This afternoon we had a fantastic time at our Platinum Jubilee party.  The children showed off their moves and played lots of party games.


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Image of Y5/6 Olympics
17 May 2022

Y5/6 Olympics

After learning about the origins of the Olympic rings this morning, the children competed in their own Olympics this afternoon.  They chose the events themselves and were in five teams: one for each of the World's land continents as is represented in the Olympic rings.


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Image of Y5/6 Collaborative Persuasive Letter Writing
28 January 2022

Y5/6 Collaborative Persuasive Letter Writing

In Y5/6, we have been studying and writing formal persuasive letters.  Today, we imagined KS2 SATs were going to be abolished.  As a class, we discuss whether we thought that children should have to do SATs or not.  At the end of our discussion, we had a vote and the class decided that KS2…

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Image of Y5/6 Shadows
10 December 2021

Y5/6 Shadows

As part of our Science unit on Light, we learnt about shadows.  

We learnt that shadows are formed when an opaque object blocks a ray of light.  We aimed to show that a shadow can change size depending on the distance the object casting it is from the light source.  Shadows can also be…

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Image of Y5/6 Blitz Setting Description
26 November 2021

Y5/6 Blitz Setting Description

As part of our topic on World War 2, we have been learning about the Blitz.  We have been looking at images, videos and reading first hand accounts of the air raids that happened during that time.  We generated descriptive and figurative language phrases individually and shared and developed them…

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Image of Y5/6 WW2 setting description
5 November 2021

Y5/6 WW2 setting description

This week in our English lessons we have begun a new unit to create a setting description about an air raid during WW2.  This week, we have watched a video called 'London Can Take It' and started to collect vocabulary and descriptive phrases we can use in our writing.  We have created a word…

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