5 May 2022

Celebration Assembly

It was lovely to share some more celebrations and achievements from out of school. We had some medals and trophy’s from local football tournaments and training sessions. Lots of certificates and badges achieved at swimming lessons and some more dancers. We enjoyed hearing about dog training,…

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25 March 2022

PE in the Sun

We loved being outside today. We practised our throwing and catching, balancing skills, target throwing skills and dodging and weaving through the cones and ladder.

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24 March 2022

P.E in the sun!

Year 3 showed great care, collaboration and challenge during P.E this morning. They competed against one another in an assault course and learnt to keep going and not give up.

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13 October 2021

Y5/6 Gymnastics - Balancing

In Y5/6, we have been working collaboratively to create tension balances (pulling) and resistance balances (pushing). We had to work really well as a team to share ideas and create the imaginative balances. We also had to trust each other in order for them to be successful.

Here are a few…

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11 October 2021

Year 3/4 gymnastics balance lesson

In PE the children have been learning different balances and creating simple sequences using the apparatus. Here are few fantastic examples.



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7 October 2021

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere!

This week we have been looking at patterns in our environment, in nature and repeating patterns. We have made patterns using natural materials, objects around the classroom and even ourselves! We have made colour patterns, size patterns, shape patterns and patterns with actions. 

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22 October 2020

Mayan Dance with 3CO

Over this half term, we have been linking our PE lessons to our Topic on The Mayans. We have learnt different moves linked to architecture, agriculture, gods of nature and script. The children then worked in groups to create a performance using some of the movements they had learnt. The groups…

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11 February 2020

Winter Olympics Year 5

Yesterday, Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon at our Winter Olympics. They had a go at curling, and the paired ski. We then braved the wind to run the obstacle race. They worked incredibly hard in their houses and cheered each other on every single race. Well done Year 5. You were brilliant!

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10 February 2020

Winter Olympics

This afternoon Year 3 and 4 took part in the annual Winter Olympics inter house competition. Lots of fun was had from the paired skiing to chasing after the dressing up items in the obstacle race. It was great to see the children cheering on their team mates in an encouraging way! Well done to…

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10 February 2020

Winter Olympics!

Today year 6 had a fantastic afternoon during Winter Olympics! They all worked really hard! We had a great competition this year! Well done everyone!



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10 February 2020

Winter Olympics in Key Stage One!

This morning we all took part in Winter Olympics.

We completed an obstacle course, hockey dribbling, curling and paired skiing!

Well done Years 1 and 2, you were fab! 

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6 February 2020

Gymnastics Class 5SG

Last week, Year 5 had a gymnastics lesson with Miss Green looking at rolls, jumps and bridges. They had a fantastic time setting up their own circuits and then racing against the other teams using the gymnastics skills they had been taught at the beginning of the lesson. 

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