Image of Victorian toys!
5 October 2022

Victorian toys!

We had lots of fun today experiencing Victorian toys.

We asked ourselves these questions:

What is it made of?

What does it look like?

Do I like playing with it?

How do we play with it?

We then chose our favourite! Great work Year 1!

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Image of Meeting Blockzilla!
1 October 2022

Meeting Blockzilla!

We have worked so hard in maths this week! We met the Blockzillas who have helped us to compare numbers. First we had to find a number in the classroom that was either greater than, less than or equal to Mrs Robinson’s number and then we worked in pairs to compare our own numbers!

Great work…

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Image of Our favourite toys!
14 September 2022

Our favourite toys!

Our first topic of the year is a history topic all about toys! 
We have started the topic by bringing in our favourite toys from home.
We had so much fun sharing them with our friends and thinking about what they are made from. 
Well done Class 1!

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Image of Ancient Egyptian Death Masks!
13 July 2022

Ancient Egyptian Death Masks!

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, we were set with the task to design and make our own Egyptian death mask.

We used a range of techniques and tools to create our masks and then, when they were dry, we painted them!

Well done Year 3, they are fantastic!

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Image of Year 3 Sports Day Superstars!
21 June 2022

Year 3 Sports Day Superstars!

What a fantastic morning we have had! The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun showing off our sporting talents!

A huge well done to all of Year 3, you were all Sports Day superstars!


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Image of What time do you…
25 May 2022

What time do you…

In maths in Year 3, we have recapped telling the time to o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. We have then moved on to telling the time to 5 minutes and on a Roman numeral clock. We enjoyed finding out what the Queen did in her day and then showing it on our clock that was just like…

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Image of Year 3/4 Jubilee Party!
25 May 2022

Year 3/4 Jubilee Party!

We had so much fun at the Jubilee Disco! 

Lucas and Marni were guitar hero superstars and many other prizes were won! 
Look at those smiles!

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Image of Animals UK visit Year 3/4!
25 May 2022

Animals UK visit Year 3/4!

What a brilliant way to kick start our next Science Topic!

This afternoon we were visited by Laura from Animals UK. She introduced us to her millipede Wiggly Woo, Charlotte the tarantula, a Burmese python and Scout the meerkat! Laura told us so many interesting facts and we were able to look at…

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Image of Perfect printing!
30 March 2022

Perfect printing!

We have loved our art this half term! We have looked at the work of Orla Kiely, William Morris and Lindsay Phillips. We designed our own leaf prints and then made them using cardboard and string. Today we have created a print strip and we are very proud of our finished art work. Well done Year 3!

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Image of What can we do to help the rainforests?
28 March 2022

What can we do to help the rainforests?

As a class we have spoken about what deforestation means and why it is happening. In groups we sorted positive and negative effects of deforestation and then all made a promise of what we can do to help protect the rainforests. Well done Year 3!


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Image of Fantastic flowers!
25 January 2022

Fantastic flowers!

In Science this week we have been learning about the parts of a flower.
We dissected a flower with our partner and watched a video to find out the job roles of each part.
We then learnt about the process of pollination and how this leads to fertilisation.

Great work Year 3! 

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Image of Making our own magnetic games!
20 October 2021

Making our own magnetic games!

To finish our Forces and Magnets topic we designed and made our own magnetic game. We looked at a selection of magnetic games already on the market and then designed our own.

 We were all very creative and came up with a great range of ideas. We then made our games and enjoyed playing them with…

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