Image of Mayan Masks
9 October 2020

Mayan Masks

Class 3CO have had a fantastic afternoon painting the first steps of their Mayan masks. They had to choose a base colour or pattern and make sure they covered it, ready to paint on the details next week. There were some amazing ideas and we can’t wait to share the finished…

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Image of Year 3 Music lesson
8 October 2020

Year 3 Music lesson

Each week Class 3CO have been having music lessons, where they have been singing songs with different rhythm and tempos. They have learnt lots of musical language such as pulse and canon as well as listening to The Carnival of the Animals, guessing what animal the music is portraying. They have…

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Image of Class 3CO The Mayans
1 October 2020

Class 3CO The Mayans

In Class 3CO, we have made a fantastic start to our Topic The Mayans. We have done lots of work researching who they were and when in time the fit on the timeline. We have also made a start on making our very own Mayan masks. We can’t wait to see what they turn out…

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Image of World Book Day
6 March 2020

World Book Day

All dressed up for World Book Day, in 5SG we’ve got spy’s, minions, plenty of Hogwart’s former pupils and even Lady Macbeth. They’ve even had a go at creating comic book pages for their favourite books.

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Image of Introduction to Inuits with 5SG
24 February 2020

Introduction to Inuits with 5SG

To introduce our new topic on Inuits, Year 5 spent the afternoon creating our very own Inuit village. They were put into groups and had to do 1 of 5 tasks: to make a kayak using origami, make stand alone Inuit people and labels for their clothes, make a sled and free standing huskies, recreate…

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Image of Safer Internet Day 2020
11 February 2020

Safer Internet Day 2020

For Safer Internet Day 2020, Class 5SG looked at the theme of Free to Be Me. We discussed our online identity and how we can choose who we want to be, when we are on the Internet. However, we also discussed how what we say and do online can have a negative impact on ourselves and others, so we…

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Image of Winter Olympics Year 5
11 February 2020

Winter Olympics Year 5

Yesterday, Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon at our Winter Olympics. They had a go at curling, and the paired ski. We then braved the wind to run the obstacle race. They worked incredibly hard in their houses and cheered each other on every single race. Well done Year 5. You were brilliant!

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Image of Gymnastics Class 5SG
6 February 2020

Gymnastics Class 5SG

Last week, Year 5 had a gymnastics lesson with Miss Green looking at rolls, jumps and bridges. They had a fantastic time setting up their own circuits and then racing against the other teams using the gymnastics skills they had been taught at the beginning of the lesson. 

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Image of Balanced argument - Class 5SG
6 February 2020

Balanced argument - Class 5SG

In Year 5, we have been looking at balanced arguments. To start this unit off, the children were given a point of view on a piece of paper and had to find their matching group. This lead to them deciding if they were for or against fireworks, the royal family or homework. Once they had sorted…

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Image of Classification with class 5SG
6 February 2020

Classification with class 5SG

At the start of our Science topic on classification, the children were given a selection of Liquorice Allsorts and asked to sort them into groups. They then had to think about what questions they could ask to distinguish them from each other. Once they had done this, they were asked to present…

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Image of Class 5SG Gymnastics
31 January 2020

Class 5SG Gymnastics

This week Year 5 had a Gymnastics session with Miss Green. They worked on different types of rolls and jumps in pairs. They then had to create a circuit as teams and only travel using the different jumps, rolls, steps and balances. 

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Image of Balanced Argument in Class 5SG
28 January 2020

Balanced Argument in Class 5SG

This week in English, Year 5 have started looking at Balanced Arguments. The children were given a point of view on a slip of paper from 1 of 3 debates. They then had to find their group, decide if they were for or against the debate and add suitable sentence openers. They then presented their…

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