Calling all home schoolers… Tune in for FREE every Tuesday for Space to Learn, an inspirational hour with an astronaut, for all children studying at home or in school. Hear the best space stories from a different guest astronaut each week with a LIVE 45 minute Q&A.

Every Tuesday there will be 2 LIVE shows. The 1st will be broadcast @ 14:00 BST for everyone in the UK & Europe and the 2nd will begin @ 7pm.

This week, join 3-time NASA astronaut and International Space Station Commander Steve Swanson for a LIVE Q&A about life on the Space Station and having fun in space. Follow us on Twitter and get your questions in, using the hashtag #spacetolearn and astronaut Steve will be answering the best ones LIVE.

Astronaut Steve Swanson says “Just like many people on Earth right now, astronauts live in self-isolation on the International Space Station. Tune in to learn how I made Space fun and ask me your favorite ‘space’ question”.