As today is St George's day we have set some little challenges for you to complete at home.You can do as many or as little of these as you would like and we would love to see your photos of any tasks you do. 

1. Create a fact-sheet about St George. Who was he and why is he famous? Key Stage 1 children could watch the CBeebies link below to help them find this information.

2. Make some St George's day bunting to hang outside of your home.

3. Make a shield.

4. Have a go at jousting. Method- Make some targets on paper and hang them in your garden, a washing line is perfect for this.

                                                        Make a lance (a long handled broom or rolled up newspaper would suffice).

                                                  Try and hit your target as you run past, to make it extra difficult you could pretend to be on a horse. Roller skates, a bike,    skateboard or a hobby horse would be ideal. 

5. Research English traditions. Some examples could be: Morris dancing or traditional dishes. 

6. Find out and make a list of Modern Day Heroes.

7. Hopscotch is a traditional English game. Play hopscotch or naughts and crosses. 

8. Bake a cake.

9. Create your own dragon. This could be a drawing or painting, a 3d model or collage. Use your imagination and get creative.

Whatever you decide to do today have fun and don't forget to send us your photographs.