We have been very lucky to have lots of helpful visitors this term to support our learning. We have been finding out about people who help us.

The police came first and told us all about how they help to keep us safe. We learnt about some of the equipment they use like the radios and the cameras. We also found out that horses and dogs help the police too. 

We were also visited by the paramedics in their ambulance. The sirens were very loud, just like the police van. Paramedics help people in an emergency and Jamie told us how to call the emergency services if ever we need to. We looked inside the ambulance and Lee showed us lots of the equipment he uses to help people who are sick. Mike showed us how to use a stethoscope to listen to each other’s heartbeats. 

The fire engine was huge! We loved pretending to drive it! The firefighters had lots of special equipment for helping people in danger. We found out that they don’t just fight fires, they help people in danger in other situations too.