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Mr Willett
Mr Willett wrote: Newsletter 23.6.17
Summer Showcase Afternoon Weather permitting, on Thursday 20th July, we will be holding a summer showcase afternoon. All classes will perform and the afternoon will finish with a whole school choir performance. Bring along your picnic blankets or ch (More)
Mr Willett
Mr Willett wrote: Newsletter 26.5.17
Each term, members of the Enquire Learning Trust spend time in our school, enquiring into the things that we do. Yesterday we were visited by a member of the Enquire Learning Trust School Improvement Team, accompanied by five members of staff from th (More)
Mr Willett
Mr Willett wrote: Newsletter 5.5.17
Parking at the Beginning and End of the School Day This week one of our children came very close to being knocked over, due to a parent parking illegally and irresponsibly. The yellow lines at the front of the school and on Lavenham Road are there (More)
Mr Willett
Mr Willett wrote: Newsletter 29.3.17
School Meals From Monday 24th April there will be a price increase to the cost of a school meal, rising from £2.00 to £2.10. Due to wholesale price increases, wage inflation and the rising cost of fuel, Mellors, our catering service provider, cann (More)
Mr Willett
Mr Willett wrote: Social Media Letter
Dear Parent In the digital age we live in, the use of social media by parents to post negative and defamatory statements about schools and school staff has become a national issue. Social media websites are being used increasingly to fuel campaign (More)
Mr Willett
Mr Willett wrote: Newsletter 27.1.17
Questionnaire Today, your child should bring home a parent satisfaction questionnaire. Please take the time to fill it in, as your comments will help us to show what we are doing well and what you feel we need to further improve on. Questionnaires a (More)
Mr Willett
Mr Willett wrote: WOWW
Our Year 6 children delivered an assembly this week based on 'working on what works'. They explained that Year 6 had taken part in a project focusing on those things that work well, in order to improve learning habits. As a school, we have discuss (More)
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