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Miss Appleby wrote: Y2 'Mathemagicians' 3D shape
Today we were sorting 3D shapes on a Venn diagram. We had to talk about the shapes and decide for ourselves how we were going to sort them (choose our own criteria) and then Miss Appleby had to work out what we had done. (Fortunately she could - w (More)
Miss Appleby wrote: Y6 Easter SATS revision
Here are some websites where you can revise and practise key skills over the Easter break. Bookmark them or add them to your favourites list on your computer and try to go on them regularly throughout the holiday and leading up to SATS. Maths (More)
Miss Appleby wrote: Finding missing coordinates
Today Miss A's Maths Group were working really hard to solve some challenging problems, which involved finding missing co-ordinates in all 4 quadrants. They worked collaboratively to share their tips and methods. [gallery ids="164,163,162,157,153" (More)
Here is an algebra picture puzzle to solve. ♥ + ♥ + ♥ = 30 ♥ + ♣ + ♣ = 20 ♣ + ♠ + ♠ = 9 ♣ + ♠ × ♥ = ? Comment below with your answer. (Sssh don't tell but don't forget BODMAS!) (More)
Miss Appleby wrote: Who said Algebra was too hard?
When the group found out that today we would be tackling Algebraic Equations they all groaned, because they thought it was too hard...but not anymore! After just a little practice, they worked brilliantly as Rally Coaches (which means they worke (More)
Miss Appleby wrote: Mastering fractions
If at first you don't succeed, try and try again! Miss A's Maths Group have really persevered to master calculating with fractions. Well done everyone - you've done brilliantly. Here is Ruby and Lily-May's work. (More)
Miss Appleby wrote: Calculating with fractions
Miss A's Maths Group has been calculating with fractions this week. Here are a few TOP TIPS and reminders. To see how to ADD fractions click here To see how to SUBTRACT fractions click here To see how to MULTIPLY fractions clic (More)
Miss Appleby wrote: Egg Box Maths
Today we were using 'Egg Box Maths' to help us visualise and understand fractions and percentages. We then challenged ourselves to find equivalent fractions and decimal numbers. "I understand this better now," said James.[gallery ids="45,44,43,42, (More)
Miss Appleby wrote: Collaboration at work
Two heads are better than one! Ciaran and Lucas think about how to tackle their next challenge whilst Nick explains to Sammy his method for solving the maths problem. (More)
Miss Appleby wrote: Negative numbers can be tricky
We've been adding and subtracting with negative numbers which can be a bit confusing. Ciaran had a go at being teacher today to explain to the group how to use an empty number line to solve problems with negatives. If you need a reminder click h (More)
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