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Miss Pinchbeck wrote: Counting in multiples
This week in maths, we have been focusing on partitioning numbers and counting in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100. We were given the challenge of writing a set of instructions to the children in the Nepal school, explaining how to count up in these mul (More)
Miss Evison wrote: Sorting and counting
We worked collaboratively to sort and count objects. Miss Evison was very proud with how hard we worked this morning! (More)
Miss James wrote: Numbers
In maths today we have been looking at number sequences. All of the children have been practising counting in 2s. The year 1 children have been looking at counting forwards and backwards to 100! The children in year 2 have been looking at counting (More)
Miss Evison wrote: Ordering to 20...
The children worked well with a partner to order visual images from 1 to 20. It can be a little tricky counting when you can hear everyone doing the same but each pair got their objects lined up in the correct order. (More)
Miss Evison wrote: Fun with Year 5!
Year 5 came to play some maths games with us at the start of our lesson. They were impressed with our fast addition skills! (More)
Miss Pinchbeck wrote: Volume sky scraper
Alongside our measures theme in maths, we have been exploring volume. After estimating and working with the formula for volume, we decided to put our maths skills to the test and create a sky scraper! We then estimated the volume of our scraper and w (More)
Miss Pinchbeck wrote: Maths challenge!
In our maths challenge today, we worked with our teams to figure out how many passengers and flights passed through different airports within 2002. We needed to use our operations knowledge and our team work skills in order to be the first ones to co (More)
Miss Appleby wrote: Y2 'Mathemagicians' 3D shape
Today we were sorting 3D shapes on a Venn diagram. We had to talk about the shapes and decide for ourselves how we were going to sort them (choose our own criteria) and then Miss Appleby had to work out what we had done. (Fortunately she could - w (More)
Miss Appleby wrote: Y2 'Mathmagicians'
Some children from year 2 have been doing some maths work with Miss Appleby. Today we were working together to look at and describe 2D shapes and compare their properties. We know lots of shape vocabulary. Gracie and Ethan said that: "a circ (More)
Miss Pinchbeck wrote: 5EP Calculation Challenge!
Today we worked in teams and put our operation knowledge to the test! In a race to the finish line, we used the clues provided to fill in the machine's missing numbers and then answer the questions. Sweat was dripping off foreheads and arms were s (More)
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