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Mrs Neilson wrote: Year 5 Netball Tournament
A fab afternoon for Josh, Jake, Jayden, Lexie, Mina, Grace and Olivia at the year 5/6 netball tournament at Oasis Academy Wintringham. I believe the best way to learn high 5 netball is a match! So many rules and rotations to take in so what better wa (More)
Miss Pinchbeck wrote: D&T Fairground rides
The children have been working on team contribution and they have worked extremely hard to create their fairground rides. Well done year 5! (More)
Miss Pinchbeck wrote: Fairground prototypes
Today we have been working on creating prototypes of our fairground rides using art straws! I wonder what the real thing will look like next week... (More)
Miss Pinchbeck wrote: Volume sky scraper
Alongside our measures theme in maths, we have been exploring volume. After estimating and working with the formula for volume, we decided to put our maths skills to the test and create a sky scraper! We then estimated the volume of our scraper and w (More)
Miss Pinchbeck wrote: Maths challenge!
In our maths challenge today, we worked with our teams to figure out how many passengers and flights passed through different airports within 2002. We needed to use our operations knowledge and our team work skills in order to be the first ones to co (More)
Miss Pinchbeck wrote: Summer '17 Lifestyle Project!
After the PCSO visit at school today, 5EP have decided that any teams who are interested in taking part in the project are going to apply through the online application form. If you are interested in applying year 5, I have posted the link below cont (More)
Miss Pinchbeck wrote: Forces: Air resistance!
This week in science, we have been looking at air resistance as a result of learning about friction last week! Our experiment this week involved finding out whether weight would affect the time at which the spinner would fall to the floor. In order (More)
This half term, year 5 have been looking at theme parks around the world and how we would travel from one theme park to another. We have been using an atlas to identify the countries in which the theme parks are and then we began to research ways of (More)
Miss Pinchbeck wrote: 5EP Calculation Challenge!
Today we worked in teams and put our operation knowledge to the test! In a race to the finish line, we used the clues provided to fill in the machine's missing numbers and then answer the questions. Sweat was dripping off foreheads and arms were s (More)
Miss Pinchbeck wrote: Fantastic Favelas
Last term, year 5 were reading the book 'trash' and as a result, we have been creating our own favelas with Mrs Powell using cardboard boxes. We first chose a box, taped it shut and then designed our own favela pattern. We then painted our favelas a (More)
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