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Mrs Neilson wrote: Know your place Mr. Digit!
This week we will finish our maths topic place value. Myself and the team have been really impressed with the children moving onto three digit numbers, some of us even working with four digits! Well done 3DN. We've played many games, sang songs, cha (More)
Mrs Neilson wrote: Izzy, whizzy lets get fizzy!
In Science this morning we had a fizzing time! Last week we learnt about the different states of matter: solids, liquids and gas. Today we looked more closely at gases. We carried out an experiment to remove the carbon dioxide from three fizzy dri (More)
Mrs Neilson wrote: Year 3 Lincs2Nepal Visitor
This term pupils in year 3 are learning about natural disasters. As a project hook Garry Goddard from Lincs2Nepal spent the morning with us. Garry told us all about the charity work carried out by Lincs2Nepal during the dreadful Gorkha earthquake in (More)
Mrs Neilson wrote: Year 3 Lincs2Nepal Visitor
Children in year 3 are learning about natural disasters this term. Today Garry Goddard from Lincs2Nepal came to talk to the children about all the charity work he did before, during and after the Gorkha earthquake in 2015. I don't think we can ever p (More)
Mrs Neilson wrote: Lincs2Nepal Visitor
What an informative morning! We had a fantastic morning with the very passionate Garry Goddard from Lincs2Nepal. Firstly Gary talked about the horrific earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015 and how he and his volunteers helped the locals at a very tr (More)
Mrs Neilson wrote: Welcome to KS2!
What a fantastic first week back! You have all settled into new routines quickly and made new friends within your groups. Very well done, I'm super impressed. Homework menus and spelling lists will go out tonight, I have attached them all below... (More)
Mrs Neilson wrote: Love is in the air!
This afternoon 3DN finished their R.E topic 'Weddings' with a real wedding celebration. Mrs. Tuck went to a lot of effort for the children even making them a wedding cake to eat after the celebration! Children dressed up and acted out a Christian wed (More)
Mrs Neilson wrote: Jungle Zoo - Year 3/4
Children in years 3 and 4 had a fantastic day at Cleethorpes. The main purpose of our visit was to visit Jungle Zoo to deepen our understanding of the Rainforest and the many animals that live within it. All teachers were very impressed with the chil (More)
Mrs Neilson wrote: Jungle Zoo and Cleethorpes
Children in years 3 and 4 had a fantastic, sunny day in Cleethorpes today! This morning we spent some time in Jungle Zoo looking at all the different animals: macaws, monkeys, toucan, turtles to name a few... I think our favourite was the talking coc (More)
Mrs Neilson wrote: RUCSAC quiz...
This week we have been using the RUCSAC method when tackling word problems in Maths. R - READ U - UNDERSTAND C - CHOOSE S - SOLVE A - ANSWER C - CHECK Today in KAGAN groups we made up our own word problems then went around each K (More)
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