Today the children were given a talk by Emma from the NSPCC about emotional well-being and staying safe.  The children were asked to decide whether they felt various behaviours were appropriate or not.

It provoked a great deal of discussion and thought among all the Y6 children, not least because at the moment we are working on creating a website that promotes internet safety in our computing lessons.

Emma told us about the NSPCC’s motto “Report! Don’t delete, reply or meet!” when we a were talking about Internet safety. She also explained to us that anything could be reported to Childline on 08001111 or www.childline.org.uk.  The mobile phone company O2 has also set up ‘Guru’s in all of its shops so that children and their parents can take any device (mobile phones, laptops, tablet, etc) and they will check all the privacy settings on them to check they are safe for children to use.  O2 also have a number to call 0808 800 5002 or you can visit the website for further details here.

Emma went on to tell us about a very clever App called Netaware.  It can be downloaded for free and children and parents can use it when looking at using other Apps to see whether they are safe and the risks involved with using them.

Finally, Emma told us about Share Aware which is a website that can specifically be used for and by children who want to share pictures on-line.  It gives advice on what is safe and to shared and what shouldn’t be shared.


Author: Mrs Wardle

Year 6 teacher

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