Find the secret agent!

On Wednesday, a lot of Year 6 did a World War 2 treasure hunt to find a secret agent.  We were given a list of suspects and had a series of clues to work out who the secret agent was.  The clues were direct references to WW2 objects and also imperial units of measurement.  We used I-Pads to search the references and measurements to enable us to solve the clues.  Well done to Team Turtle who were first to solve the clues and find the correct secret agent.

Remembrance Day

This week we have learnt a lot about Remembrance Day and its origins.  On Wednesday, we made paper poppies for our wreath that we will lay at the Waltham cenotaph on Monday.

Today we started work on some clay poppies.  We each had a lump of air drying clay and first we moulded it into a bowl shape.  From there we created petals.  We hope the poppies will be dry enough next week to paint.  From here, we are hoping to create our own poppy installation in school like those that were at the Tower of London, Lincoln Castle and the Maritime Museum in Hull.

Museum of Lincolnshire Life

Today, we had a fantastic insight into what life might have been like for people on the home front during WW2.  When we arrived at the museum, we were given an introduction to WW2 and then we did two workshops – one on rationing and the other on evacuation.

We were also able to look around the rest of the museum.  Some of its exhibits included various military uniforms and even a tank!

Earlier in the day, we took a walk down Steep Hill in Lincoln to the Collection Museum and the Usher Gallery.  Here we looked at lots of different artifacts – some thousands of years old – and also looked at paintings done during the First and Second World Wars.

On our way back to the Museum of Lincolnshire life, we were also able to take in some of the famous spots in Lincoln!


Creative Homework

Over the last term, children have been bringing in some fantastically creative homework pieces based on our WW2 topic.

Brandan made a model of a WW2 aircraft, Jacob S made a model of a WW2 aircraft carrier and Grace made model of a WW2 air raid shelter and a game with wooden pieces shaped like tanks.

Well done!  All their work is displayed in our classroom.


We are very proud!

Over this half term, we have seen some fantastic work within our class.  Some of this work was awarded Star Writer or parents were invited in for the ‘I am Proud’ Assembly.

This term, Harriet W and Jayden were awarded Star Writer.  Harriet wrote an excellent air raid setting description containing figurative language and Jayden wrote a wonderfully emotive war poem.

Keeley, Josh, Paige, Lexie, Brandan, Ruby O and Sami all showed their work in the ‘I am Proud’ assembly this term.  Sami had written a great letter home as an evacuee; Keeley, Josh and Paige worked collaboratively to change a nice setting description into a horrible one; Lexie and Brandan worked together to create a WW2 evacuee factfile and Ruby O wrote a wonderful setting description about a WW2 air raid.

Well done everyone!