How cool are castles?

What a fantastic way to start our new topic and the new year! We had a fun filled day with the prettiest princesses, handsome princes and super cool knights! Everyone looked absolutely fantastic and what a huge effort you had all made!

We started our day off by working collaboratively in groups to create a 3D castle out of Lego. You all certainly used your imaginations and created some very extravagant and interesting castles! It was so nice to see you all working so well together to create the coolest castle! We followed this by drawing what we think a real castle looks like.

After having a banquet at lunch time and the knights practicing their sword fighting we created our own tiaras and crowns which all looked fantastic! We then discussed what the role of a knight is. Mrs Robinson was very impressed with our ideas and knowledge we had. We then created our own knight collages which we can’t wait to show you!

After such an exciting day we can’t wait to see where our learning will take us next into the world of castles!


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