Festive Fun!

Year 3 have had lots of crafty, festive fun this week… we’ve sewn Sproutzilla Christmas cards, made Julius Caesar calendars, decorated snowman biscuits and made wreaths whilst reading a fantastic book, The Christmasaurus!


Children have all enjoyed being ‘Leader of the Day’. For the end if term treat the children chose to have a class disco we danced to many a song from Bob Marley to Aga Doo!!!



We’ve also put on a fantastic Christmas performance with years 4 and 5. I hope you all enjoyed the show, I was extremely proud of all the children, fab-u-lous!

100% FUN!!!


Thank you for all your support this term…

Wishing you all lots of festive fun, eeeekkkkkk I’m so excited!!!!



Sproutzilla… Tyrannoparsnip Rex!

This week we have been reading Sproutzilla, a comical Christmas story! At the end of the book Christmas is saved because Jack eats all the sprouts, including Sproutzzilla! However, on the last page we were left in suspense as Tyrannoparsnip Rex is introduced as another killer vegetable! We wrote our own version of the next book in our KAGAN groups then went onto make an individual comic. Take a look at our nasty vegetables…

BBBBBBrrrrrroman Day!

The children all looked fantastic today, thank you for supporting our Roman Day.

We started the morning acting out our Roman story, the costumes really helped us get into part!


Later we spent some time at Forest School we had to change some of plans due to the weather conditions but we had a great time singing “Do you want to build a Roman!”

This afternoon we joined 3Ep to learn about Hadrian’s Wall and why it was built. To finish the day we made catapults and had our very own battle Picts V’s Romans, it was so much fun!

Did you enjoy the day?

Roman Roads – Forest School

Did you know Romans built the first roads in Britain?

Last week in topic we researched why the Romans built roads. We then used an atlas to map out some of the first Roman roads using grid references and a map of England.

Today in Forest School we made a Roman road with Mrs. Augusta… we had to dig out the road and add all the different layers, the only problem was we didn’t have any volcanic ash! It was really hard work but we were pleased with our end result…


Are you a born leader?

Mr. Willett is the ‘leader’ of Springfield Primary Academy. We invited Mr. Willett for an interview, the children asked some really fantastic questions:

Why did you become a leader?

How do you punish all the teachers? (tickled me!)

How do you ensure every child is the best they can be?

Who’s your boss?



This term instead of ‘star of the day’ children are becoming the leader for the day! They take the register, give out table points, lead the lines. They can also decide if to do things for themselves or delegate their responsibilities! Did you enjoy been the leader, why?

Topic hook! Romans in the Woods…

A fantastic day was had by all at the classroom in the woods yesterday.

Firstly we became a Roman Empire – we found food and water before making shelters for the night! Once we were ready we went to fight the Celts!

Later in the afternoon we made leather bracelets and clay mosaics while our Roman bread was cooking on the camp fire.


Did you have a good day, why?